Anti-Trump Protest in Bournemouth Square Tonight

Bryony Bratchell

Protests are set to take place across the UK today, including in Bournemouth, as Parliament debates Donald Trump’s state visit.

Two separate petitions were set up to ban President Trump’s visit to the UK on state business. One achieved 1.85 million signatures, whilst the other achieved 311,000.

As Parliament debate the visit, December 20th has been dubbed a National Day of Action to Celebrate the Contributions of Migrants to the UK as the hashtag #1DayWithoutUs is trending on Twitter.

The demonstrations are similar to ‘A Day Without Immigrants’ in the US last week where foreign-born workers left their jobs to make a point about their economic contribution.

Campaigners in Bournemouth are uniting to protest against his policies which have caused mass controversy a month into his presidency, particularly regarding Muslims, abortion rights and the media.

His ban on Muslims from 12 countries entering the US has sparked outrage and is now being disputed.

A war was sparked with the media early into his term as he accused outlets of producing ‘fake news’ because of how they reported the size of the crowd at his inauguration.

Finally, he angered women’s rights groups by reinstating the ‘global gag rule’ that bans international NGOs with US funding from providing abortions or offering information.

The organiser, Elizabeth Dunn-Hallett, said: “I made the event because I believe that as a community, country and world we are stronger together. Politics of division and hate are not the way forward.

“So many times over the last few months I have wanted to support the many marches and demos across the country but they rarely happen in Bournemouth so I thought why not give our community a voice.”

The protest will take place from 6-8pm in Bournemouth Square.