Theatre Review: Green Day’s American Idiot at the Shelley Theatre, Boscombe


Last night, BU and AUB’s Performing Arts Society (PARTS) sang their hearts out in their opening show of Green Day’s American Idiot and completely smashed it!

If you didn’t already hear, there’s a kick-ass show in the Shelley Theatre, Boscombe, and it’s all thanks to the students of BU and AUB.

The musical, expanded from Green Day’s album American Idiot, is known for its famous punk music, and crazy choreography which PARTS expressed clearly through their amazing, energetic performance.

If you’re unsure of the plot then here’s a quick breakdown…

American Idiot tells the story of three boyhood friends Johnny, Tunny and Will who want to escape from their suburban lifestyles in the wake of the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

Johnny, played by Nicholas Tuck, heads for the big city, whereas Tunny, played by Dave Wheeler, decides to join the military and fight the war. Will on the other hand, played by Declan Galpin, chooses to stay at home.

But their adventures don’t exactly turn out how they had planned.

American Idiot

The students gave their all in performing hit music from Green Day’s album American Idiot

With a diverse cast and crew of over 80 students and graduates, PARTS knew how to deliver a good show!

American Idiot

The blue, red and white lighting reinforced the American theme

The opening number, American Idiot, was performed with an outstanding amount of energy and volume that filled the theatre and actually gave me goosebumps!

The music was played by an incredible five piece band on stage which made you feel like you were actually at a Green Day concert.

The show had some insane choreography with dancers running around the stage and head-banging all night.

With backcombed hair and lots of eyeliner the students danced with so much energy and passion making the show even more enjoyable to watch.

Flashing and strobe lighting also enhanced the wildness of the show, with blue, red and white lights reinforcing the colours of the American flag.

With classic numbers like American Idiot, 21 Guns, Wake Me Up When September Ends and Boulevard of Broken Dreams, the Performing Arts Society truly delivered a successful show.

Count yourself lucky if you have a ticket because the rest of the shows have all sold out!

PARTS will continue to show off their amazing talents at the Shelley Theatre until Saturday March 18th.

American Idiot

PARTS sang their final song as the audience applauded the show