Teenage cancer victim cryogenically frozen after losing her battle with cancer


A fourteen-year-old British girl, who lost her battle with cancer, gets her wish granted by being cryogenically frozen in the hope that she can be “woken up” and cured of cancer.

The teenage girl, known only as JS, who lived with her mother in London, was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer last year. By August this year she had been told her illness was terminal and active treatment came to an end. JS started to research cryonic preservation and decided she wanted to be frozen after death.

Just before the teenager’s death on October 17, the judge granted her wish. Her body was frozen after her death and taken to a storage facility in the US. JS is the only British child to have her body cryogenically frozen.

High court

High court

JS asked a High Court judge to intervene after her divorced parents had disagreed over whether her wish to be frozen should be followed through.

JS, sent a letter to the court in an appeal to be frozen: “I have been asked to explain why I want this unusual thing done. I’m only 14 years old and I don’t want to die, but I know I am going to. I think being cryo‐preserved gives me a chance to be cured and woken up, even in hundreds of years’ time.

I don’t want to be buried underground. I want to live and live longer and I think that in the future they might find a cure for my cancer and wake me up. I want to have this chance. This is my wish.

Her mother spent the last hours of her daughter’s life worrying about details of the freezing process, which was “disorganised” and caused “real concern” to hospital staff. Following the mother’s experience with the freezing process, the judge suggested that “proper regulation” of cryonic preservation, which is currently legal but unregulated, should now be considered.