SUBU’s Don’t rent yet campaign launches


You’ve just moved into halls, met some nice people but don’t really know them yet and start get your head round the whole uni experience.

However, where are you going to live in second year? DON’T RENT YET tells you everything you need to know when it comes to housing.

Every year students sign contracts, pay estate agent fees, decide who to live with and pay deposits way to early.

This can lead to major problems in your second year. It can turn out that you won’t be able to afford your high rent or that one of your future housemates will drop out of university and leave you with picking up the rent costs.

The Don’t Rent Yet campaign (begins Monday 13th October) first launched last year to help students reduce their problems with housing.

David Stock from Subu Advice told Nerve News that they often see that students “will soon be harassed by letting agents looking to let them a property for next year”. The campaign aims to show students that they should be careful if they want to rent early and make sure that they understand what is happening and what risks they are taking when they rent their first ever private house or flat.

You may ask when you should rent then, if not now?

David advises to start searching for a house after Christmas and don’t sign a contract until February or March. He adds that it is really important that you have to understand what is said in the contract before you sign it. If you are not sure if you should sign a contract you are more than welcome to ask for help at SUBU.

There are many myths surrounding students renting houses. Fortunately SUBU has uncovered them for you after dealing with around 2000 housing issues per year


Dont rent yet

Reece Pope, the Vice President for Welfare advises that before you move into your new home, check if anything is damaged and make sure to take pictures of everything and that it matches your inventory. Don’t forget to take pictures of your gas and electricity meters as well. Additionally, remember that you live in a area with children and families who want their quiet time as well.

Most importantly, don’t worry! There were thousands of students before you and there will be thousands of students after you and SUBU assures that most of them don’t have any problems at all.

For more information or help check out the SUBU website, visit SUBU above Dylan’s and ask for advice or watch this video.