National Portrait Gallery to hold Audrey Hepburn Photography Expedition


London’s National Portrait Gallery is expected to host a photography expedition featuring the life and career of Audrey Hepburn.


The Expedition, Audrey Hepburn: Portraits of an Icon, will run from 2nd July 2015 to the 18th October.

Pictures of the British actress will range from across her life that show her rising career within the West End where she was a chorus girl to her growing to become one of the most photographed actresses in Hollywood.

Most images will feature her in her working life including posters, publicity shots, magazine spreads and behind the scenes shots while she was filming.

The photos will feature some professionals’ photographic work such as Richard AvedonSir Cecil Beaton and Mark Shaw.

However some shots shown in the gallery will have rarely or never been seen as they are from the actress’s family photo album; one shows her performing ballet as a young girl.

The expedition will mark the 65th Anniversary of Hepburn’s career where she first performed in one of the West End’s Nightclubs called Ciro’s. This is where the expedition will be held as it is now the National Portrait Gallery’s public archive.

Hepburn first performed in her early 20’s marking the beginning of her busy, life changing career. She starred in many different roles including Petite Sauce Tartarein in 1949 and also Summer Nights just over a year later. This then led to her being spotted to star in films.

Many have said they are delighted to see the photos within the National Picture Gallery and will be interested in experiencing some of Hepburn’s life and revealing a character that they may not have seen on the screens or through her modelling career.