Loserville musical kicks off this Wednesday

Event Picture

The BU and AUB Performing Arts Society will be performing Loserville The Musical at the Winton Life Centre next week.

With a bigger cast, budget and venue Loserville is expected to get an even bigger audience than the society’s performance of Grease last year, which sold out all four nights. The musical will run for four nights from Wednesday 11th March to Saturday 14th March.

Loservillle is based on Son of Dork’s song Welcome to Loserville and is written by McBusted’s James Bourne and fellow Musician Elliot Davis. The musical is set in the 70’s and tells the story  of Michael Dork (Alex Bird), a computer geek who is about to change the world by discovering the foundations of email. On his way, Michael also discovers a girl, Holly (Karol Cybulski), who is helping him to reach his goals. However, Eddie, whose Dad owns a computing company, is trying to hinder Michael’s plans. Loserville musical is a story of loyalty, friendship, high school life and love.

Miguel Luigi Enriquez, an undergraduate Multimedia Journalism student at BU, spoke to Nerve News about performing Wayne, the friend of Eddie, in Loserville:

Everyone has been working really hard, but we’ve had a lot of fun! When someone messes up with the lines or forgets the choreography, we have a good laugh and don’t take ourselves too seriously. Perhaps the most challenging part has been learning to dance and sing at the same time.

Besides rehearsing twice a week since last October, the society has been fundraising the majority of the production by volunteering and performing showcases. The costumes have been tailored by the costume team of the society, who have made unique clothing for the entire cast. Speaking about the experience Miguel said:

It has been an amazing experience knowing all the people in the society and after almost 6 months of this journey together it is hard to believe that it all will end on Saturday.

Tickets for the musical can be purchased online at SUBU’s website, from the SUBU reception or the Winton Life Centre. You can find out more about the performances here.