Lad Mags sales now BANNED as idea is approved at SUBU’s Student Shout Meeting

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The historic banning of the sales of Lad Mags from the Student Shop will now be enforced as students vote for a change


Today at 1pm in the Marconi Lecture Theatre, over 100 students gathered for the second SUBU Student Shout Meeting. With the banning of lad mags still high on the agenda, the meeting was shaping up to be a contentious one. Nerve News headed on down to get a flavour of this and some of the other topics up for debate.

Here’s a run down of the meeting’s events.

Who came?

Among the attendees where the four current Sabbatical Officers, President Murray Simpson, VP for Communication Annie Hall, VP for Education John Gusman and VP for Lansdowne Sophie Chayter- Grubb. SUBU Manager Alan James and Representation and Democracy officer Matt Wall. 109 students were also in attendence including representation of all four councils (Activities, Welfare, Education and Lansdowne).

What was up for debate? 

Up for discussion where five ideas, formally known as motions:

1. Should SUBU ban Coca Cola on Campus?

2. Should SUBU ban the sale of lad mags (such as Nuts and Loaded) on campus 

3. Should SUBU ban the Free Fall Society naked calender? 

4. SUBU’s stance on Navitus Bay Wind Farm 

5. Smoking shelters on campus  

But first, there was the AGM, otherwise known as the Annual General Meeting, where our four Sabbs report back to the student body on their achievements throughout the year and whether they have met their targets laid out in their own manifestos. 2014-03-13 13.28.54

Students voted in favour of the reports delivered by the officers, which included the development of a supportive strategy for academic societies at BU, the improvement of communication strategies via SUBU comms, the introduction of hot food and a possible branch of Sport BU for Lansdowne campus, and increased awareness of student safety and improved relations with local communities.

Questions and issues

Along with majority approval of SUBU’s current progress, there were bones of contention.

One example was the question of why should religious societies be exempt from membership fees. President Murray Simpson responded with the argument that a democratic review of the dynamics of clubs and socs membership is set up is currently under review.

Another key issue that was explored by the congregation was the privatisation of student loans and debt. Both Murray and John responded with assurances that Bournemouth MP Conor Burns is currently looking to raising the matter with parliament and that our voices and concerns will be heard through these channels.

Back to the ideas

Despite a full two hours dedicated to the meeting, only two ideas put forward were thrashed out. The first was the potential banning of Coca Cola on campus for arguable unethical practices.  The idea was rejected by the majority vote, this despite an amendment put forward to ban “everything”, which in turn was based on the lose definition of “unethical” and the notion that “everything” could in theory be included in such a banning.

This too was rejected by the congregation, who were also treated to a point of information by the Welfare Council about the Coca Cola brand, who have reportedly in the past year improved their accused ethical conduct.

Then we came to the idea that has been bouncing around from council to council for months now; the potential banning of the selling of lad mags from the student shop.

Nerve News can confirm the idea was approved and the banning of the sale of lad mags across will be enforced in the coming weeks.

However, the mags didn’t go down without a fight. After much debate with both for and against arguments from various students across the room, and no less than two proposed amendments to the idea itself, the first round of voting saw a 46% split within the room, with the rest abstaining to vote altogether.

After much deliberation and discussion, it was decided to take the vote again. This time there was a 50% majority in favour of the magazines, with 46% against and the remainder refusing to vote altogether.

After the vote was recorded to loud applause, it was time to call the meeting to end and leave the room, The remaining ideas (see above) will now be passed on the their various exec councils to be debated and voted on.

So there you have it ladies and gentlemen. Your student union. Your fellow students. Your student experience enhanced, limited or unaffected – however you choose to view it.

If you want to get in touch about the student shout or any other issues raised in this article, email and we’ll do our best to get your view out there.