Uni-let wins Bournemouth University’s Hall of Fame 2016


The underdogs, Uni-let, prove that they deserve their place in the Hall of Fame after winning the competition this year.

At 11:00pm last night students gathered at The Old Fire Station for the annual Hall of Fame competition. Everyone was armed with determination to win and prepared for battle.

Cranbourne wore blue bandanas, Purbeck wore red, Dorchester wore white and Lyme Regis with purple leaving Lansdowne with black, Chesil with orange and Uni-let wearing pink.

The atmosphere was buzzing in TOFS all night with everyone dressed up in different colours to support their halls. Bandanas were worn with pride and you could definitely sense that these colours weren’t going to mix.

The onstage competitions didn’t begin until around 12am giving everyone enough time to dance, get some drinks, chill with friends and check out who had turned up to represent their halls. The very first event was a pizza eating competition which was won by Uni-let.

The pizza eating competition gets underway at Hall of Fame

The pizza eating competition gets underway!

The next challenge was to see who could down a pint in the quickest time, a very British challenge! It was a tense competition, however Uni-let took the win, showing clearly that their pre-drinking skills are on another level.

The dance off was always going to be a competition to remember and it certainly didn’t disappoint.  The finale was between Cranbourne and Lansdowne with both boys showing that they really did know their stuff when it came to the dance floor. However, Lansdowne’s moves proved too hot to handle and they were the winners of this competition.

The Old Fire Station heated up when the DJ announced ‘sexy time’ and started playing ‘Pony’ by Ginuwine. People had thoughts of Channing Tatum’s impressive moves in Magic Mike XXL and the tune definitely spurred the crowd and competitors on, with Cranbourne House winning the sex positions game!

As it heated up, the popular Caribbean dance, the limbo, was performed on stage by competitors. All students were able to get down pretty low, but those from Uni-let proved that they were no match for everyone else.

Christie from Cranbourne House took to the stage for the limbo saying: “Cranbourne House is the best halls in Bournemouth.”

Paolo, a first year staying in Uni-let accommodation, said: “I am proud to be staying where I am” and mentioned that, “Uni-let were determined to win.”

As a result, Uni-let won this years Hall of Fame as an unexpected twist due to the number of students staying in halls compared to housing accommodation.

But it wasn’t just about the winning, it was an electric night that definitely allowed people to make friends, have fun and forget about the approaching deadlines for assignments! If you went to the event, and especially if you didn’t, you have to check it out next year!