7 undeniable moments of a Bournemouth night out

Cameo, Bournemouth

Students love a night out in good old Bourney town. Some nights can be eventful, some nights can be amazing, some can be awful. But there will, without a doubt, always be likely moments like the following that happen to you…

  • You will most definitely have to queue for hours. Especially if you forgot to buy your ticket for Lollipop on a Friday night. Worse if you get to the front of the queue without any cash, thinking you’ll pay by card and then having to LEAVE the front of the queue to go to the nearest ATM machine.
  • Running to the loos as soon as you pay entry. Forget the change, you’re dying to break the seal. You won’t care that from this moment on, you will have to go to the toilet every half hour. Bad move.
  • Your friends will disappear. One moment you’ll be dancing the night away with them, you turn around for one second, and then you’ve lost them. Then you’ll spend most of your night texting and calling them, only for you both to suggest ‘meeting points’. You will never find each other at these meeting points, but you will bump into them at some point. Usually the toilets.
  • You’ll try to go to the bar with the least queues. This will only end up with you going back to the first queue you saw, as all other bars have even more people trying to get a drink. The likelihood is that you will buy two drinks at once to save queuing again too soon after.
Cameo Bar

Cameo Bar

  • The one friend that always throws up. They’ll drag you to the loos with them, in which case you will either be asking them if they’re okay, or if they’re a girl, holding their hair back. If they’re incapable of standing up, you’ll have to call a cab to haul them home. If you don’t have a friend that does this, then…
  • You tell yourself at the beginning of the night that you WILL NOT use your card – only the cash you’ve brought with you. A few drinks later and you will most definitely be buying a round with your card. And not just one round either.
Lollipop Crowd in The Old Fire Station, Bournemouth

Lollipop Crowd in The Old Fire Station, Bournemouth

  • Leaving the club, the smell of kebabs and chips will make your mouth water. A few moments later and you’ll have a face full of greasy food. Shout out to Istanbul, the best chicken shop in town, by the way.