Winter Street Style 2016

street style jeans and converse

The recent wet and cold weather has had a tendency to intervene unfavourably with our appearances, but the street style amongst the students of Bournemouth is still standing strong!

Written by: Lucy Connolly
Edited by: Abby Kessock-Philip


Immy wears

Blazer: Oxford Market.        Shirt: Vintage.

Belt scarf: Charity shop.      Trousers: Topshop.

Shoes: Topshop.

Immy’s bold vintage shirt provides a pop of colour to this casual look, the mustard jeans and belt scarf complement the shirt well providing a contrast of neutral tones and bright colours. To keep it cosy in the cold weather, the black velvet blazer tops this look off achieving a smart-casual vibe.


Lollie wears

Leather Jacket: New Look.        Hooded top: Topshop.

Shirt: Vintage.                Dungaree dress: Charity shop.

Lollie’s outfit orientates around vibrant orange tones, the dungaree dress is correctly styled with a sheer bird patterned shirt. The simplicity of the tights and shoes importantly emphasises the upper half of her outfit ensuring that it is not overly cluttered.


Ollie wears

Coat: Vintage.         Jumper: H&M.

Trousers: Ebay.        Shoes: Dr.Martens.

Necklace: Market.

The winter season goes hand-in-hand with a monochrome look book, Ollie pairs these paisley print trousers with a plain black jumper and white Dr.Martens to create a subtle contrast in patterns. The gold buttons on the oversized vintage coat add a classic finish to this look.


Sophie wears

Coat: Zara.        Jumper: H&M.

Jeans: Topshop.      Shoes: Clarks.

Bag: Kangol.       Watch: Casio.

Sophie has a very cool and casual style, combining warm earthy tones with soft textures. Simple accessories like the Casio watch and the backpack add to the casual simplicity of her outfit.


Kieran wears

Jeans: H&M.                Hooded top + Shirt: Primark.

Messenger bag: John Lewis.               Coat: Sports direct.

Kieran goes back-to-basics with this casual layered look, the graphic print tee adds a splash of colour and the brown leather bag and surfer bracelets add to his mellow style.