Who could be the Next Doctor?

Idris Elba DW

With both Peter Capaldi and lead writer Steven Moffat announcing their departure, Doctor Who is in need of a regeneration.

I’ve watched every episode of Doctor Who since it was rebooted in 2005. The adventure, the Doctor’s British charm and the show’s alien sense of wonder spoke to 11 year old me, so I’ve stuck with it through thick and thin. But looking at Doctor Who in 2017, it’s fair to say that everyone’s favourite Time Lord is stuck in a rutt. This is not to the discredit the efforts of Peter Capaldi, an amazing actor who brought masses of gravitas to the role, it’s just that the writing has clearly fallen to the wayside. A new lead writer alongside a dynamic new lead actor in 2018 might be just what the Doctor ordered.

But who could, and more importantly, who should pilot the TARDIS next? Here are 5 potential candidates, ranked from worst to best in my humble yet extremely valid personal opinion:

5. Kris Marshall

Kris, Marshal, Doctor, Who

From BT to DW?

You probably recognise Kris Marshall from those old BT adverts but he’s not just a poster boy. He was hilarious in Love Actually and stole the show in the (now ancient) sit-com My Family – but bookies now have him down as a possible Time Lord. As much as I think he could totally own the role, I believe that Doctor Who should move into more adult territory to reflect the popularity of shows like Black Mirror and Stranger Things. Marshall’s bumbling, dorkish humor would be a step in the opposite direction if you ask me. Who knows, he could prove me wrong if we do see him traversing space-time in the near future.

4. Idris Elba

Idris, Elba, Doctor, Who

Could the star of Luther take on the Daleks?

What top 5 list of potential actors for British roles would be complete without this guy? Idris Elba has been rumored to be replacing Daniel Craig in the Bond series and is now being tipped to replace Capaldi in the TARDIS. His powerful performance in Luther and his comic timing in the American version of The Office suggest that he could do a fantastic job helming Britain’s longest running Sci-Fi show. However, 2017 is looking jam-packed for Idris – he’s appearing as the Gunslinger in The Dark Tower movie and reprising his role in Thor: Ragnarok – so, sadly, it’s unlikely he’s going to find the time to appear in the next series of Doctor Who on top of all that.

3. Ben Whishaw

Ben, Whishaw, Doctor, Who

How would 007’s gadget man handle a Sonic Screwdriver?

Ben Whishaw is an excellent actor. He played a brilliantly geeky Q in the recent Bond movies and even pulled off being Paddington Bear in the 2014 reboot. But how would he handle being the 13th Doctor? I feel that his characterisation of the universe’s (second to) last Time Lord would be a bit too similar to Matt Smith’s portrayal. Although this would be massively popular with many fans of the show, I feel Doctor Who should try something different whenever it has the opportunity.

2. Olivia Coleman

Olivia, Coleman, Doctor, Who

She’s not just Sophie from Peep Show…

Something different like introducing a female Doctor, perhaps? Name one thing in which Olivia Coleman has not absolutely amazing. I bet you can’t. Most of us will recognise her from Peep Show, but she has been equally brilliant in films like Tyrannosaur and TV shows like Broadchurch. In fact, the writer of Broadchurch is set to be replacing Steven Moffat on Doctor Who so the chances of her actually becoming the 13th Doctor are quite high. I know many people, for some reason or the other, are still against the idea of there being a female Doctor, but Olivia Coleman is such a talented actress that I have no doubt in my mind that her gender wont matter one bit. She was my absolute favourite to take the role until I read this weekend that…


Tilda, Swinton, Doctor, Who

Now this would be insane

This just in, TV insiders are saying Tilda freaking Swinton is in the running to become the 13th Doctor. The mind boggles at the thought of what this Oscar winning actress would bring to the dynamic of the show. She’s proven herself to have serious acting chops and is fantastically funny to boot (see The Grand Budapest Hotel or Burn After Reading). Her strikingly androgynous facial features would accentuate the Doctor’s inherent other-worldliness brilliantly and her star power could help bring the show to a maturer audience. Her performance could be reminiscent of the late David Bowie’s role in The Man Who Fell To Earth – which is never a bad thing. She’s currently the bookies favourite and I am keeping my fingers crossed.

 Was there anyone I missed? Who do you think should helm the TARDIS next? Be sure to let us know on Twitter @NerveOnline !