Vibe Selections with Ellie and Lucy on FM


Over the past two weeks,Vibe Selections hit the radio waves. 87.9FM saw Ellie Howkins and Lucy Thomas bringing you a host of funky tunes covering all bases from the 70s all the way to Europop and hip-hop. If you didn’t manage to catch either of the shows here’s the rundown of what you missed:


Our track of the show: Brothers on the Slide – Cymande

This song is absolutely undefinable, I’d even go as far as saying it’s the epitome of funk. It’s so smooth and delicious yet boppy and cool and by the only band that I can think of that could reunite almost 40 years later and still create something as timeless as this.

We also talked Summer Ball (you can get tickets here) and how excited we are for the four-hour Artwork set, and about how Boscombe’s hidden gem ‘Chaplin’s’ is set to be expanding (lovely news), catering for a larger number of restaurant goers and more space to enjoy its quirks.


Our jazz show was a smooth and soulful ride, meandering through a timeline from modern neo-jazz to classic jazz superstars such as Nina Simone. We think this playlist is perfect for a sophisticated dinner party or late night revision – stripped back, chilled, relaxed and of course heavy on the saxophone. Have a listen for yourself!

Track of the show: Everything – Radio Citizen ft. Bajka

On this track Bajka oozes flair and nuance, her voice giving us those Eryka Badu vibes (our fave). In his review of this album, Joe Tangari (, describes Radio Citizen as makers of music “poured straight from the melting pot” and this song backs Tangari up perfectly.

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We also chatted about Tom Misch and his new album – as well as an anecdote from our past, and the line up for Field Day (which is incredible)

We’ll be back on Nerve Radio soon for another dose of Vibe Selections, but these playlists should be enough to keep you going for a while!