Valentine’s Day Special: The Single Student Survival Guide


Typically, Valentine’s day is a day to celebrate the love you have for your significant other. It’s a day to show someone that you care, to spoil them and tell the world that you’re in love. Which is great, if you have someone to show affection to. But, for the rest of us, it’s a day of soppy nonsense that makes single’s want to stay under their duvet and hide from it all. That being said, there’s no reason why the day can’t be about loving yourself. Here are 5 top tips for all the singletons on how to enjoy that dreaded Valentine’s Day.

1.Treat Yourself!

A benefit of being single is that instead of wasting your money on someone else you can spend it all on yourself! Go out and buy something you really want. Topshop, New Look and Urban Outfitters offer up to 20% off with student discount, take advantage! Or, why not treat yourself to a takeaway through Deliveroo – you get £4 off your first order. After all, money can’t buy you love but it can buy you a delicious Tikka Massala!

2. Avoid Social Media

Let’s face it, some couples are under the impression that Valentines Day gives them the right to be disgustingly mushy all over your newsfeed. It’s enough to make you gag. Unless you’re really interested in who “the luckiest girl in the world” is or enjoy having your relationship status rubbed in your face, avoid social media. Instead, try reading your favourite book, go for a walk on the beach or start a new Netflix series. Just do anything but flick through Facebook (you have been warned).

3. Have a Singles Party

It may sound a bit sad at first, but surrounding yourself with your single friends will remind you of all the good things about being single. You can do whatever you want without having other priorities to care about. You could even try heading to Ojo Rojo, they are offering a single sanctury downstairs, with free tequila!  Singletons stick together!

4. Go Watch a Film

There are plenty of films to choose from this month and the amazing new Odeon in Bournemouth is now open, so go out and book yourself a cinema ticket. Odeon cinemas offer an extra discount off student tickets with a valid NUS card. I recommend Trainspotting 2, a gritty drama exploring heroin addiction and the relationship between three friends who reunite after twenty years apart. This will definitely take your mind off of any lovey dovey nonsense.

5. Workout

Let your body release some endorphins to put you in a feel-good mood by going for a run. It’s free and has loads of healthy benefits. I suggest running by the beach as it is relaxing and provides a beautiful scenery. You should also create an upbeat playlist to keep you motivated – avoid any soppy love songs!

And remember being single is nothing to be ashamed of. It gives you the chance to find yourself and to discover what it is you’re looking for in future relationships. After all, there are 365 days in the year to enjoy, Valentine’s Day is just one of them.