Tune in to Nerve Radio on 87.9FM

Nerve Radio is a blank canvas for creativity.

We have a variety of hosts, shows and opinions on our student radio station, which makes us so quirky and unique.

Since September we have been helping our presenters become Super Sayan when it comes to presenting radio shows. They have all been perfecting their skills, selecting the best music and customising their shows for our FM period (16th – 29th of April).

It is a very exciting time, as all of our voices will be broadcast across the whole of Dorset and Poole for 2 weeks! It gives our presenters a little taste of what life would be like to be a full-time radio presenter/producer, which is the dream for many (including myself).

For me, there is no better feeling than finding a new song which I love. I promise YOU, that if you tune into Nerve Radio you will find your new favourite song. We cover all genres – Reggae, Hip-hop, Future beats, Indie, Rock, D&B…the list goes on forever. If you like it, we got it. So please, make sure to tune in to us during the 16th – 29th of April on 87.9 FM and I’m sure you’ll hear something new that you love.

On top of music, you will be supplied with great conversation and games so make sure to look in our flyer, or on our website, to see who will be presenting at what time. Remember to tweet in @NerveRadio to get involved with the shows and remember to SPREAD THE WORD. Thank you and hope you enjoy what we have in store.

Words by Connor Morrin