Travel Tuesdays: Adventure into Australia

Australia Adventure

This week’s Travel Tuesdays embarks on an adventure into Australia, where Jessica Simms takes you on a journey through paradise down under.

There’s no doubt that visiting Australia is on most people’s bucket list. Luckily enough for me my dream of escaping to the continent became a reality. There are so many incredible places to visit along the East Coast of Australia, and my journey led me across each one. Like any adventure: lessons were most definitely learnt, life long friendships were made and most importantly experiences were the best of my life to date; And, like anyone who has had similar adventures- I wouldn’t change a single part of it! So without further ado these are my top five places to visit on the East Coast of Australia:

Lake McKenzie on Fraser Island

Lake McKenzie Before even leaving for Oz, I knew that Lake McKenzie was a must stop visit in my adventure. I knew it wouldn’t disappoint: Lake Mckenzie on Fraser Island is one of the most breathtaking places I have ever been to. Once you arrive at the lake you’re immediately met with golden sand that stretches almost endlessly around a crystal blue fresh water lake. The environment was so serene that I could have spent hours there basking in its tranquility. During our 2-hour visit I was able to relax on the soft sand and paddleboard across the lake, the colours of which shifted from deep blue, to vibrant turquoise colours. Lake McKenzie is on top of my list simply because of the stunning surroundings and peaceful vibe that it emanates.

The Great Barrier Reef

Before going to Australia, I had a deep fear of the ocean. The irony is that there is nothing I love more than the beach,  but absolutely hate the water. So, I decided that this adventure was the opportunity to shake off my fear; and what better place to Great Barrier Reefconquer a fear of the ocean than The Great Barrier Reef, (GULP) right?

We took a boat trip out onto the reef, where I found myself trying to stabilise my overwhelming seasickness rattled up in the choppy waves surrounding the boat. Whilst on the trip we stopped at two different sites; while others decided to scuba dive to the bottom of the reef, I took more of the baby steps, and chose to just snorkel instead.

Never-the-less I got to enjoy the exquisite beauty of the reef, as I was immersed in the sparkling colours and surrounded by the spectacular fish of the reef. Everywhere you looked there were different types and textures of coral and little glistening fish, quirkily diving in and out of the gaps at great speed. I highly recommend taking a trip out onto the reef, whether you are conquering a fear like me, or just going for the fun of it- its a whole lot of fun in an incredible setting.

Brisbane’s Lone Pine Koala SanctuaryKoala

I sort of stumbled across Brisbane’s Lone Pine Kaola Sanctuary, and couldn’t refuse a snuggle with the little furry koalas. Within
the sanctuary everywhere you look, your eyes meet with a koala either sleeping on a tree, or quietly munching on some leaves. They are such docile and peaceful animals that even observing them makes you feel so relaxed and centred. The sanctuary also keeps other animals within it that you can look at whilst visiting, such as Australian crocodiles and exotic birds.

Byron Bay’s Lighthouse

If you’re one for a laid-back type of lifestyle then Byron Bay is perfect for you. Within the surfer’s town of New South Wales stands a well-known lighthouse that is planted at the top of the hill, which is at the most easterly point of  the Australian mainland. I chose to walk up to the lighthouse just before sunset and from the its high point I was delighted to be able to see dolphins frolicking in the ocean and surfers coming back into the beach, sunset on their backs, after catching a wave. As you can see from the picture, the view is incredible.

Bay lighthouseThe Whitsunday Islands

Whitsunday IslandsAnd last but not least, my adventure ended with the Whitsunday Islands. Sailing around the islands for two days and stopping off at different points along the way was the highlight of my trip. I witnessed the most outstanding, orange-tinted sunsets that rippled over the infinite water.

Whitehaven Beach was one of the stops of my two-day trip, and a unique experience. Jumping off the boat, exploring, and relaxing around the vacant island was escapism in it’s most glorious form. The post-card- perfect beach has the most crystal clear waters, the purest sand and the tranquil surroundings. I am truly grateful to have had to chance to sail around the islands, and say that I have been to one of the top ten beaches in the world!

Whitsunday Islands sunsetI had an unforgettable experience adventuring along the East Coast and would without a doubt recommend it to anyone! My most memorable part of the journey was sailing around the breath taking Whitsunday Islands. I had never been sailing before, and one of the reasons for coming on this trip was so that I could try new things. I am so happy that I embarked on a beautiful adventure through Australia and had the opportunity to see how beautiful the country is.

Edited by Natalie Whitmore