Travel Tuesdays: The struggles of packing


Travel Tuesdays helps you tackle the strenuous struggles of packing. Nina Nagel gives you the best tips for preparing for a successful and stress-free trip away.

Edited by Natalie Whitmore

Every travel addict loves preparing for an adventurous journey away. Looking up the destination online, booking flights, and choosing the accommodation fills everyone with pure (and almost unhealthy) excitement. Although, when it finally comes to a few days before the departure date, things start to get real. The positive feelings get replaced by stressful checklist writing and frantic preparation.

Packing is definitely the worst part of ‘pre-travels’. Everyone wishes there was a magic spell that would do it for you; But, there are some tips and tricks to help you with this incredibly exhausting task:

1. The most important thing for efficient packing is limiting yourself to the smallest amount of space possible, forcing you to really think about what you actually need whilst travelling. If the trip is – let’s say – a week long, try to make all of your stuff fit into a hand luggage, so not only are you going to travel lighter but also you are avoiding the whole check-in hustle at the airport.

2.Start off by packing the unquestionably most indispensable things, like your PJs, your beauty case (don’t forget the toothbrush!) and your charger for phone and/or laptop. Then you can add the rest off your clothes- but remember to always try to bring multifunctional basic clothes, so you can mix and match to create many different outfits.


3. A pair of black leggings or trousers is your best friend when packing light. You can wear them for most of the duration of your travel, and just switch out the tops to create different style combinations. Other necessities include a nice neutral coloured jacket that goes well with the rest of your items, and comfy shoes so your feet won’t complain while you explore the new city.

Click here for a very helpful video by fashion blogger Chriselle Lim on what clothing essentials to bring when traveling.

4. When it comes to making everything fit into the luggage, make sure you wear the most voluminous clothes your taking with you on you while travelling, instead of them unnecessarily taking up all the precious space in your small bag. Once you have your basics in, add little statement pieces like jewellery or colourful scarfs, which will differentiate an outfit from the other.

The only thing missing now are socks and underwear. Leave these out until the very end. Why? Well, it’s in that moment when you’ve filled up your bag to the point that you can’t even get one more shirt in, but there remains those annoying ‘free’ holes in the corners of it? That’s where all the socks and underwear are going to fit. Not only are you using space that otherwise would be wasted, but also it’s going to create a barrier to your more valuable clothes and items, making sure they survive the journey.

Done! Don’t forget to limit your liquids to 100 ml if you’re not checking in your suitcase, other than that you’re now all packed up and ready to go.

Grab your passport and ticket, and enjoy the flight!