Travel Tuesday: St Ives


  For this week’s Travel Tuesday, we’re keeping it local and taking a quick detour to Cornwall. Staycations are set to become increasingly popular as the UK’s relationship with the EU (and the rest of the world, really) is pretty much dead and void.  Although not quite Malia, locations like St Ives might just help ease the post-Brexit blues. 

It was June. The heat wave was in full swing. University was finished and I’d begun full-time misery at my new job. Obviously, the answer to all my problems was to spend four days drunk in a field in St Ives. This is the perfect holiday to let all the troubles melt away. All you have to worry about is not getting sunburnt and wondering where the next crate of beer is going to come from.

Getting there

If you are thinking of driving to St Ives, I have one thing to tell you: don’t. As a Devon native, I have spent my life watching millions of cars funnel themselves into the one road that runs through Cornwall. Although it’s not a very glam alternative- and yes it’s expensive- the train is your best bet to make it into St Ives with a scrap of sanity. Parking in St Ives is also an utter nightmare and you will 100% get stuck in for at least a decade. Just suck it up. Take the train.

Where to stay

There’s a lot of different options for places to stay despite St Ives being a small town. Me and my (now ex) boyfriend are both big camping fans and basically wanted to drink ourselves to death in the sun, so we ended up staying in a converted sauna hut with a bed in it. The obvious choice, of course. If you want something a little less rustic, hotels such as The Queens and the Pedn Olva might be your best bet.

The view from our hut at night.

Things to do

I’ll be honest, St Ives isn’t bustling with nightlife or much any typical student might find of major interest. However, it is the perfect place to just chill out. Having a good mooch around town and lazing on the beach will easily take up a whole day. The high street has a lot of different shops- with a huge amount of Poldark merch if that’s your thing. Take your time to soak up the harbours and beaches. Watch the crabs crawling about the seabed. Have a swim. Take some time to notice how difficult it is to distinguish where the sky meets the sea. It’s cliche, I know, but having a day of doing nothing was actually very therapeutic.

Wearing an old lady cardigan despite the heat wave. It’s a lifestyle.

If you are really itching for something to do, the Tate is a good place to start. Located on Porthmeor beach, the gallery overlooks the sea and offers a myriad of changing exhibitions. If art isn’t your thing, the Eden Project is definitely worth the train ride. I was hesitant to be stuck on the metal hell tube that is the train again, but really, I am so glad we went. If there was a place that’s the definition of the word aesthetic, it’s the Eden Project.

Eating out and where to get booze

Fish and chips. You gotta do it, you’re having a British seaside holiday, you just gotta. Harbour Fish and Chips was our first (and closest) choice, and I thought it would be rammed and we’d have to wait until our mid-thirties to get served but we only had to wait ten minutes. Definitely recommend, especially if you want to get attacked by seagulls eating them on the beach.

If you’re looking for a meal a bit less solid and more alcoholic, we drank a night away at The Firehouse– a relatively new gin bar on the high street. It was pricey however, the cocktails are good and it’s dog-friendly. Woo!  Need somewhere a bit cheaper? I’ve got good news for you: St Ives has a spoons! With its own Cornish menu! It made my heart rejoice too. Now you can drink the same stuff you drink day in, day out at a different location. What a world we live in, eh?

That’s all for this week’s Travel Tuesday. We hope this stirred the wanderlust within you, and be sure to check-in with Nerve again soon for more travel destination, tips, and tricks!