Trains, megabuses and automobiles: Nerve Radio’s attempt at BU Leggit

Edinburgh castle

587km travelled, £166.59 raised for Sea Shepherd UK, 48 pints of Tenant’s consumed, 36 hours of hitchhiking, 9 trains, 2 megabuses, £0 spent – Nerve Radio’s attempt at #BULeggit18.

Every year, RAG (Raising and Giving), the amazing fundraising society at Bournemouth University challenge us to LEGGIT – the task of getting as far away from Bournemouth as possible without spending a penny, all in the name of charity.

First things first, we deliberated plans, asked friends and family to donate to the cause and stocked up on several KitKats and croissants. We then set off from The Old Fire Station at 9am on Saturday morning.

So, how did we get on?!

The lowest of lows – trying to hitchhike out of Heathrow and being flipped the bird

After dreaming of getting to Australia the night before we begun, we had high hopes of an epic journey out of the country. However, hopes of a flight were soon dashed from unaspiring ticket salesmen at Heathrow. We decided to operate Plan B and head away from the airport.

Being flipped the bird: A Leggit low outside Heathrow.

With a sign raring to go, we began asking (begging) for a lift. A car then beeped his horn and gave us optimism. As it came closer, it appeared to not be slowing down. He then decided to do the unthinkable.

We stood outside Terminal 4 with a middle finger in our face, nowhere to go and arguments rife. Here we began to question what we were doing.

On the up and heading to Cambridge – good call

We managed to convince an unassuming rail guard to let us on the train to Cambridge from Kings’ Cross. It was a first real victory and a journey with some mileage.

We toasted our success and continued onwards newly invigorated by aspirations of Scotland.

As we headed to the North, it all went south

We boarded a train at around 10pm on Saturday evening from Birmingham heading towards the town of Derby. At this point, we were full of optimism as we scrambled up the country after an unsuccessful afternoon begging for flights at Heathrow.

It was peak Saturday night and we saw a whole array of the Midlands – football fans chanting, people off on a night out drinking and some rather unsavoury puking (the girl was fine in the end).

We then arrived in Derby and headed to a pub for a quick refresh whilst waiting for a bus on to Nottingham. It was quite the experience as we saw several British classics murdered by some of the locals. If we are brutally honest, we won’t be running back to Derby in a hurry.

An uncomfortable Megabus, a desperate Geordie plea, and contentment in Edinburgh

We managed to blag tickets off a helpful stranger in Derby to get us to Newcastle. It was well into the early hours when we boarded and we all tried to grab 40 winks, but Megabus’ uncomfortable seats said otherwise.

We then arrived to Newcastle early morning – if we didn’t know where we were, we did by the sheer size of the Greggs and further puke on the floor.

We had became delirious with a lack of sleep and heads full of coffee. Next stop – Edinburgh!

Haggis, nips and tatties: Paradise in Edinburgh

A Scottish concession 

With a large lack of sleep and conceding that we probably weren’t going to beat the other teams (one made it to Venice), we settled down in the Scottish capital. After two days here, we have zero regrets – what an incredible place.

We’ve tried Haggis, drank a lot of Scotch and caught up with friends at the uni. Now we are ready to go home after the most epic of weekends.

#BULeggit18, you have been a dream, now time for some sleep and to write our dissertations.

Bournemouth to Edinburgh: An incredible weekend!

Chuck, Cal and Ben x

(AKA Nerve Radio’s strapping lads)