Top tips from award-winning hair stylists

Francesco Group

Bournemouth based hair stylists, Amy Sultan and Mia Dellicompagni have finalised for hairdresser of the year at the British Hairdressing Awards – aka the Oscars of hairdressing.

Both work for Francesco Group, Dorset’s largest salon group, and they have been chosen as part of the top six stylists in their region after submitting four photographs that highlighted their talent.

This celebration comes shortly after Amy won salon stylist of the year at the British Hairdressing Business Awards… It seems they’re a talented bunch!

At the end of this month the winners will be announced at a black tie event in London. With fancy events like this and Christmas party season coming up, they’ve shared their insider knowledge with us to make sure our tresses are looking their best this year.

Condition is key

Mia advises that you should be having regular conditioning treatments and cuts, as well as seeking advice from your hairdresser about which is best for your hair type. Once you have worked that out, you can move forward with what treatments will be best for you and how to keep your hair in tip-top condition. Amy also let us know that a great way to condition your hair is to comb it through after applying the product as it’ll help detangle and push the conditioner in further.

Always prep your hair

Turns out that preparation is extremely important when styling your hair. Begin with a little product and gradually build it up for the best result. Also, it’s completely safe and actually beneficial when styling to use a good amount of heat on your hair. Obviously this isn’t recommended for everyday but we’ll allow it for party season!

Styling kits

Serums and volumising mousses don’t just exist to make companies money, you know. Having a core styling kit to support you is really important, says Mia. You don’t need hundreds and hundreds of products, just a couple (as well as a heat defence spray to prevent damage and enhance shine – Amy stresses).

Mia’s chosen products would include one to build volume and then a finishing product – whether that’s a spray, dry shampoo or separation product depends on your hair texture.

Not sure what works for you? Many salons including Francesco Group, offer free consultations to help you figure this out.

It’s all in the volume

Volume is an important part of styling, both stylists tell us. Amy advises that if you want to quickly add a little height to your look before a night out then blast your hair with a hairdryer so that it is warm, put a few velcro rollers through the top of the hair and leave them in whilst doing your makeup. Once the rollers have cooled down, take them out and voila!

A quick fix

Fancy updating your look asap? Amy believes a fringe is the perfect way. Although it’s a small change to your hair, it can instantly transform your face shape and style and is a great little update for your hair.

Another great styling tip to give your look an update is to change your parting, perfect for a new look for a night out.

This year’s look

This year Mia thinks we should all embrace accessories, whether that’s criss-crossing your hair grips or adding something a bit more special – as long as it’s not a giant hair bow.

With 60-80% of women having long hair at the moment, she thinks a popular style this year will be the ‘half up half down’ look. One that you don’t have to be too strict or precise with, simply section your hair and top knot it, securing it with a band or grips. After adding all of the texture to your hair it’ll work perfectly for that ‘undone’ look.

If you fancy something a little sleeker take a large paddle brush and transform your mane into a sophisticated high ponytail to accentuate your jawline. After all of your prep, the alcohol content in the products will give you a high shine and pin down those flyaways. This one’s Amy’s top look for any Christmas party!
We’re all going to be Christmas party goddesses this year.