Top 10 phrases that you’re likely to hear in Cameo


It’s every BU student’s guilty pleasure with hundreds of us squeezing onto its dance floors every Wednesday, but can you really call yourself a cameo king or queen until you’ve heard all of these?

These are our top 10 phrases:

1.“Let’s go Vinyl” -There’s always that keen friend who turns to you twenty minutes in and suggests heading over for a square dance with the cheesiest of smiles on his/her face.

2.“PUT YOUR F**CKING HANDS UP!” You probably read this in the same voice as the guy who says it every Wednesday. If you’re hungover or you’ve been dragged out these words are hell on earth…

3.“Let’s get a VK” It’s a command not a question, allow it.

4.“How much?!!” You can tell a MYBAR newbie from a mile off.

5.Will Griggs on fire! Your defence is terrified!!!” For football fans it is the chant of legends, to everyone else… its just noise

6.“Have you farted?” If you hear this leg it to the next room or quickly get those fingers gripped around the nose.

7.“(voicemail…) Where are you?” we’ve all been there, one minute you’ll be heading to the bog, the next minute you might as well be Macaulay Culkin lost in New York City.

8.”Lets go to the basement (5 seconds later…) lets leave the basement” it sounded like a good idea at the time…

9.”Hey mate, you been drinking tonight?” when you hear this at the door you know you’re about to get kicked out of the queue and sent to the kebab shop on the corner…

10.”I F**CKING LOVE CAMEO!!!” said every BU student to step into Cameo ever