Top 6 burning questions we have after binge-watching Stranger Things


(Warning this article contains spoilers)

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last couple of months you’ve probably heard about Netflix’s hit TV series Stranger Things (In fact you’re probably sick of being recommended it)

Nonetheless the 80’s supernatural drama set in the fictional town of Hawkins has managed to capture the world’s hearts with its combination of nostalgia and references to pop culture (Not to mention its loveable cast!)

The show has also been praised for the consistency of its writing which managed to stop students leaving their rooms until all eight episodes were sufficiently binged.

But in true modern drama fashion (We’re looking at you Game of Thrones) the show left us with not one but several cliffhangers. Here’s our top 6:

1) Is Eleven still alive?

We last saw everyone’s favourite science experiment turned sassy queen, disappearing into a dark abyss with the horrifying Demogorgon, but is she really gone?

It definitely looked as though the heroine sacrificed herself to save her gang of friends. But El was too established as a character to simply bin after the first season. With the gateway to alternate universes now open and with Sheriff Hopper leaving her favourite treat of Eggos in the woods- it seems this isn’t the last we have seen of her.

2) Who did Hopper go with after leaving the hospital?


(Credits to Stranger Things FB page)

Sheriff Hopper was definitely one of the strongest characters in the show. He had it all, a combination of; courage, strength, empathy and a dry sense of humour.

However after his rescue of Will Byers from the Upside-Down and his departure from Hawkins hospital we see a black car pull up alongside Hopper, which he subsequently enters. Could these be Brenner’s agents/ government officers- recruiting him or filling him on everything the Facility was up to? It’s definitely likely…

3) What was that Giant Egg in the Upside-Down?

Whilst Joyce and Chief Hopper were searching the Upside-Down for Will, they came across an enormous egg, which had already hatched. The egg definitely looked large enough to hold a Demogorgon hatchling, could there be more abominations lurking around? Also after seeing Will and Barb attached to that Alien looking creature, and a leech-like thing leaving Will’s mouth, perhaps the egg produced the spawn of something else entirely…

4) Is anyone going to notify Barbs parents, actually does anyone even care about Barb?


(Credits to Stranger Things FB page)

Nancy’s bestie was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time, and ended up forced into the Upside-Down, hunted and then a host for some Alien looking creature to feed off. Despite this however- Hopper and Joyce were able to find her in the Upside-Down, although they only seemed to care about rescuing Will. Whether this was because she had died way before Will’s capture or whether they just didn’t like the look of her, we will never know… But please someone notify her parents!

5) What came out of Will’s mouth?

He was all ready to enjoy a nice Christmas Eve meal when a large leech-like creature jumped out of his throat. Was this a baby Demogorgon- surely not, they hatch from eggs, don’t they?… Perhaps it is a new dark creature which will threaten Hawkins in the second season- it’s in the drains now!

Also it seemed Will had changed after returning from the Upside-Down, whilst in the bathroom he almost was transported into the other Universe after his series of coughs. Perhaps spending too much time in the Upside-Down has given him supernatural powers, move aside Eleven!

6) Is the Gate to the Upside-Down still open?

We saw Hopper and Joyce enter the Upside-Down but we didn’t see them exit! So it’s highly possible the gate to the alternate universe is still open at the Department of Energy. So does this mean more evil monsters can stroll through? And who knows how to close a gate to another dimension anyway??!!!

It is rumoured Season 2 will air before July 2017.