“I am going to see this through”: Theresa May battles her own ministers over Brexit deal


Theresa May’s 500-page plan to leave the EU has caused tension throughout Westminister

Brexit minister Dominic Raab and work and pensions secretary Esther McVey both left their cabinet positions yesterday over May’s deal.

The Prime Minister gave a statement yesterday evening, after 3 hours of harsh debate within the House of Commons.

“At the moment I believe the current deal does not deliver what was promised by Theresa May. However, there are crucial elements of the deal that can be built upon to agree on a fair compromise and a Brexit for ALL of the UK”

Owen Griffiths, SUBU’s Conservative party society president gave Nerve News his position on the deal.

Both resigned ministers mentioned the deal fell short of May’s 2017 promises.

Brexiteer backbenchers say the deal is a ‘betrayal’ to the promises made during the 2016 referendum

The deal secures a hybrid form between both the customs union and single market.

Brexiteers are claiming the deal is an attempt by the government to see the negotiations as ‘any deal is better than no deal’.

Raab’s letter of resignation claimed as secretary to the Brexit deal, he could no longer support the Prime minister’s dealings.

“I appreciate that you disagree with my judgment on these issues. I have weighed very carefully the alternative courses of action which the government could take, on which I have previously advised. Ultimately, you deserve a Brexit secretary who can make the case for the deal you are pursuing with conviction. I am only sorry, in good conscience, that I cannot.”

The Lib Dems party policy is for a second referendum.

Many within its ranks have publically criticised the vote since 2016.

“The fact that even hard-line, staunch Brexiteers cannot agree on what form Brexit should take is surely proof that Brexit itself remains the wrong course for this country. This half-hearted, weak attempt to salvage any sort of deal from Theresa May only goes to show that this government continue to stumble towards a cliff that this country will struggle to recover from. Bournemouth University Young Liberals believe that this is just another step backwards and should, at the very least, show the country that their current government is not fit for purpose.”

Toby Johnson, SUBU’s Young Liberals society president tells Nerve News the group’s dissatisfaction with Brexit.

Labour ran its ‘six tests’ within its shadow front bench

It analysed the deal’s need to support workers’ rights, EU nationals right to citizenship and a sustained Irish border.

Labour’s Brexit secretary Keir Starmer says the party will not vote in parliament for the government’s deal.

Labour figures are calling for either a second referendum or election in order to change the course of negotiations.

“After 2 years of failed talks this country needs a Labour government that is clear with its objectives and actively seeks to gain the best deal for the United Kingdom, ensuring a Brexit deal that will protect workers’ rights and EU citizens living in the UK.”

Charlie Nixon, President of SUBU’s Labour society told Nerve News the government has failed its negotiations.

The deal has also triggered a letter of no confidence for May’s leadership.

Conservative MP Jacob Rees-Mogg triggered the letter which could spark a Tory leadership bid.

Mogg will now attempt to find enough MP’s to back his opposition.

His success could undermine the current leader and even lead to a ‘hard Tory Brexiteer’ heading the negotiations.