The truth behind Deaf Havana’s four year break

deaf havna

The band’s drummer, Tom Ogden, admitted: “It all kind of collapsed…”

After the announcement of their latest album these countless nights and a string of UK tour dates, fans rejoiced at the return of Deaf Havana. However, there was a time when the band’s future looked far from promising.

In the middle of touring their third album Old Soul in 2014, Deaf Havana decided to take a break, leaving fans disappointed and unsure whether they would ever hear a fourth album.

Following the announcement of the band’s break, rumours of manager/band member disagreements surfaced. However, In a recent interview with Nerve Entertainment, Tom Ogden explained the true reasons behind the band’s four year break.

“It was getting a bit much and our schedule was getting really intense at one point and then we had nothing,” he admitted.

“We were like; We are not doing it properly and if we are not going to do it properly then what’s the point. We kind of fell out a little bit and got rid of our manager and our label, it all kind of collapsed.”

Ogden however is adamant that the break was necessary for the band’s recent success.

“We stopped for a while, but played a few songs together a few years later and loved it and continued to do that.”

Speaking about the new album he explained: “I don’t think it would be anywhere as near as good as it is now if we didn’t have that break.”

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