The Midweek Munch: Dive into Day’s


This week The Midweek Munch takes a tour around Asia, where Emma Taylor explores a world buffet style restaurant in the heart of Bournemouth.

Edited by Imi Byers

If you’re one for quality as well as quantity that you’re after when food  is concerned (aren’t we all) then Day’s is the place to go. Their food is delicious, multi-cultural and not forgetting affordable. The restaurant is based on a set price, so although on a weekend evening it may be £15, you could go for lunch if you’re on a tight budget for £8, and have all you can eat for 2 hours – bargain!

At lunch times there are approximately 150 dishes, and at dinner there’s over 250, so there’s something there for everyone to eat: ranging from Chinese to Indian, and pizza to sushi, followed by many delicious desserts. I first heard about it from a friend who told me about the sheer amount of variety you can get, and how you can get it for such a good price, whilst Google also have awarded it a 3.5 star rating.

Day’s set in a large, modern setting with warming gold decor that adds a touch of class to the place. The staff are very attentive and friendly, always happily clearing your plates away as soon as you have eaten. Despite it being quite popular, particularly on weekends, there are three different rooms to eat in so there’s plenty of seating to avoid disappointment!

days restaurant

The main restaurant room with buffet

Once you enter the restaurant you pay immediately, and then you are seated by the staff. Following this you’re free to eat to your heart’s content! They have a full bar selection of drinks, which you can pay separately for at reasonable prices; they range from typical Asian beers to English ones, catering for all tastes.

The food ranges from salt and pepper chicken wings, special fried rice, crispy duck and pancakes to chicken Tikka Masala, Saag Aloo and sushi. That is just the tip of the iceberg however, as they have hundreds of desserts too if you have the room to eat anymore! Day’s have two chocolate fountains – one white chocolate and one milk chocolate, several flavours of ice cream, pick and mix sweets, a range of prepared fruit, nuts and other sweet treats like profiteroles and black forest gateau. Every sweet tooth’s dream.

days desserts

The chocolate fountains

As you’re allowed as much as you want to eat, you can pick and choose what you want so it’s guaranteed that you will feel very full on your way out! Their opening times for lunch are 12pm – 3pm and dinner is 5:30pm – 10:30pm.

days foodI strongly recommend this restaurant for anyone who especially likes Asian food and a variety of things; as well as for those who are quite particular with what they like and dislike. There is truly something there for everyone. People of all ages eat at this restaurant, and it is also great for events like birthdays. Recently my sister secretly told the staff that it was my birthday and they gave me a cake with a candle in it once we had eaten! All in all this restaurant has everything for foodies, and I only wish I’ve visited Day’s more often during my time at university.

There are two entrances to the restaurant (one by the TK Maxx arcade and one on the roadside near the Mary Shelley Wetherspoons entrance) and it is situated on 3 St. Peters Quarter, Bournemouth, BH1 2AD.