The Midweek Munch: 60 Million Postcards


This week on The Midweek Much, Lauren Kerr and Liam Fennessy get tuned into the indie vibes at 60 Million Postcards bar just on the outskirts of Bournemouth main centre.

60 Million Postcards is probably the most alternative bar in Bournemouth. With its smokey vibes as you enter, eclectic music playing, and the thousands and thousands of postcards posted all over the walls; there really is no better place to be on a Friday afternoon to have a couple of drinks and a nice fulfilling meal. The place offers a variety of seating, with sofas dotted around the room for those who fancy a social drink with a couple of friends, and booths available to book for evenings for dinner and drinks with a bigger group of friends. There is also outside seating perfect for a summers afternoon, or in the evening under an outdoor heater. I think it is pretty evident that 60 Million Postcards really gives off the social vibe.

Located near Bournemouth’s Bar So and Lost Garden’s, just a quick walk up the hill from the main town square. The bar initially isn’t in its prime hotspot of the town, and without my indie friends, I probably wouldn’t have found it either!


We decided to take a stroll on Friday afternoon up to ’60 Million’ for a couple of beverages, and a nice afternoon meal. 60 million offer a 2-4-1 burger day on Tuesday’s (a definite must for students who fancy some good food, on a budget). Unfortunately for us, we came on the wrong day for the deal; so we paid full price. However, the cost for a burger wasn’t as expensive as we expected. The cost ranged from £6.45-£11.00, the higher price range offering a ‘fully loaded’ burger.

The food menu offers the classic American diner classics, including burgers, chicken & ribs, hot dogs and mini Mexican dishes. We decided to indulge in the burgers, and went for a breaded cod ‘goujon burger’ and the ‘Ruby Jean’s Tribute’.

sixty-million-post-cardsThe breaded cod goujon burger was essentially a posh version of a fish finger sandwich. It was a lovely meal to fill our appetite, and slightly different from the standard beef patty. The burger came in an American diner style red basket with French fries tucked in on the side. It was layered with tarter sauce and salad inside the brioche bun. I could not find a single fault to the dish. I thoroughly enjoyed the burger, and for the price of £6.45; I was fully satisfied.

The Ruby Jean’s Tribute consisted of smoked bacon, emmental cheese, a beef patty, and grilled flat mushroom and onion rings. A packed out burger for sure! The burger came with sweet potato fries for an extra £1 (a bargain if you ask me). The burger was absolutely huge, and packed with flavour. The onion rings were a particular perk, with a distinct crunch as you bit into the burger, and the beef patty oozed an array of sweet smelling America.

Sixty-Million-Postcards-Best-Pubs-in-Bournemouth-300x244-optimisedAs our visit to 60 million postcards was predominantly food based, so we could not comment too much on the drink side of things. However, we noticed that bar offered an array of beers, spirits and wines. Perfect for anyone! I have taken the opportunity to taste their wine selection, and I must say that I was not disappointed. The drinks tend to be quite expensive, so possibly not a place to pre-drink before a big night. Whilst talking to other bar goers, I was informed that the Craft Cocktails are well worth a try- available for just £5 on Sundays, 6pm until close and from 4-7pm on Monday to Wednesday.

Overall, 60 million postcards is an exquisite little bar, offering good food and a good selection of drinks. If I were you, I’d best get down there!

The rating:

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Edited by Natalie Whitmore