The definitive ranking of Bournemouth Wetherspoons


To all past, present and future Bournemouth residents, this is the only guide you’ll ever need.

Everyone loves a good old Wetherspoons, don’t they? Whether you’re a curry club fan or you just really rate their cheap pitchers before a night out, this guide will help you navigate your way to the best spots in Bournemouth.

4) The Parkstone & Heatherlands

Coming in at number four, aka last place, we have the local Winton Spoons. It’s probably the poorest I’ve ever been to food wise, don’t let the quaint interior fool you! However it’s still quite nice for a drink and the atmosphere isn’t too terrible.

3) The Mary Shelley

Apparently not many people know this is a Spoons but it’s a fairly nice one! The food is generally good and prices are the same as most Wetherspoons which is a massive factor in this list. However, because it’s so close to The Moon in the Square (it’s near Beales in town) it’s incredibly quiet here – not the greatest atmosphere which is why it’s in at number three on our list.

2) The Moon in the Square

This is a seriously fancy Spoons. I don’t even think it’s that tacky to take a Tinder date here. The garden area is especially posh and it’s always busy as it’s right in the town centre. The only thing that knocks this off the top spot is the fact it’s more expensive than other Wetherspoons and it is sometimes impossible to get a table in the evening. Beautiful garden but ugly prices.

1) The Christopher Creeke

The ultimate Bournemouth Spoons. It has a secret upstairs (honestly, I’ve still never been up there or found the stairs but I’ve seen it whilst on the bus. Anyone else have this issue?) The food is good, the drinks are cheap and it’s close by to halls and town – what more could you want? It’s the ultimate pre-drink destination.

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