The biggest underground events in Bournemouth


For those who have just started University, you are probably well acquainted with Cameo and The Old Firestation, but what about a night out that offers something different? If you’re after an alternative kind of music scene, you wont find fulfilment in the average club night. This list will expand your horizons.

Student Sound

Student Sound is the fastest growing student led bassline event in Bournemouth. It has made its mark on the South Coast by giving student DJs a chance to play the hottest records in the underground scene. If My Nu Leng have dropped a track, you can rest assured that one of their DJs will already have it in their set. Indeed, there are exciting times ahead for this event, who have partnered with Bournemouth Sevens Festival in the past, and are set to be involved with The Block Party and DrumFunk.



Shake is the freshest house night to grace Bournemouth. Previously held at The Winchester, it is set to make its mark in The Old Firestation this year.

It has so much potential and will not be one to miss, especially as Paul Woolford is their next headliner.



Led by some of the biggest promoters in the Bournemouth nightlife business, Episode provides an atmosphere like no other for emerging techno talent across the UK. Their unique selling point is their ability to transport you to another planet, even if it’s just for the night.


Enter & DrumFunk

These are the heavyweights in the nightlife scene. DrumFunk have been going for a long time and have featured some of the biggest drum’n’bass artists Bournemouth has ever seen. With live MC’s and stunning visuals, Drumfunk does not disappoint if its absolute bassline resolution that you’re seeking.


Location, location, location

We all know that The Old Fire Station is the crème de la crème, but a few others to keep in your venue book are: The Winchester and The Bunker.


Winchester image credits to

At first glance The Winchester is just a normal room, but what is created inside is truly amazing. It’s a unique place filled with stunning visuals, and weird, wonderful clutter.

The Bunker on the other hand is a step in a different direction. Below the streets, this cellar hidden deep inside Lansdowne is a slice of Bournemouth history. It has been host to artists from Moby and Sasha to Carl Cox. Recent developments have led the takeover of ownership from Poison Apple to Bomo Bar, which promises some very unique changes. Honestly, with so much to offer, it is the best time to be studying at Bournemouth University.

By Jacob Donohoe