The Best Valentine’s Day Date Ideas For Poor Students


As Valentine’s Day fast approaches, we should be looking forward to the chance to declare our love  (or celebrate being alone!). It’s a day associated with expensive roses, posh dinners and gifts that are likely to max the overdraft. But, when you’re a student, that just isn’t possible, nor is it necessary. You can still show your partner that you love them without splashing too much cash. Here’s how you can have the perfect Valentine’s day on a student budget.

1. Dinner deals

A candle-lit dinner doesn’t need a hefty price tagDinner deals

Eating out can be pretty pricey, but it doesn’t always have to be. There are plenty of student offers available, such as 40% off at Pizza Express, 2-4-1 at Aruba, plus La Tasca has £30’s worth of food for £15 with this Groupon deal. You can still have the romantic, candle-lit dinner without spending a good chunk of your loan in a single evening.

2. Take a trip to the cinema

Going to the cinema is the ultimate date-night. But, sadly, “Netflix and chill” seems to have taken over the age-old classic date. If you’re looking for something a bit more special for V-Day, you could make the effort to actually go out to watch a film. You’re probably thinking that the cinema prices are ridiculous now, but purchase a student ticket, take your own snacks and you have a fairly affordable night.

3. Have a budget spa day

Indulgence can still be had on a budget

Nothing says romance like relaxing with each other in the comforts of a nice spa. Typically, a spa day isn’t exactly within a student budget, with the treatments and facilities being pretty pricey. The good news is, it doesn’t have to be. Try one of the many spa deals on Groupon and you could have a spa day for two for under £50.

Handmade gifts are easy, cheap and thoughtful

4. Handmade gifts

You don’t have to spend heaps to show someone that you love them. In fact, a handmade gift requires effort, thought and lots of consideration making it pretty romantic. Try these easy chocolate truffles, this cute photo frame or make breakfast in bed with heart-shaped waffles.

5. Make a Valentine’s picnic

If you don’t fancy breaking the bank for dinner, why not have your own at-home picnic? Try one of these fancy recipes (catered for students) and you can impress your partner with your culinary skills whilst saving the pennies too.