thank u, next: top moments

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It’s been #1 in the UK for 4 weeks, and this song is going no where. Last night the long anticipated video for thank u, next launched and it was everything we wanted it to be and more. Plus, she broke Youtube.

If you haven’t heard it, you must have been locked in a room for a few weeks. This song takes a look at Ariana’s past-boyfriends, including a nod to Mac Miller. It also reveals her new relationship; herself. Yes, Ariana is here for herself, and after the things she has been through she always comes out on top with incredible songs and an even better music video.


Firstly, 4 iconic movies re-enacted. Ariana teased the video last week, posting pictures of her dressed as 4 lead characters from the best chick flicks every to grace the screen. Mean Girls, Bring It On, 13 Going on 30 and Legally Blonde all got a look in, and Ariana nailed it. It is enough to get you geared up for a movie marathon.

The cast of the video was nothing short of legendary, from cast reunions and cameos from the world’s favourite momager, plus a very pregnant Colleen (Miranda Sings). This video has it all.

Kris Jenner

Kris’s line, “You’re doing amazing sweetie,” has always been linked to the Mean Girls performance, and now our dream came true. This cameo was a true surprise when the video premiered last night, and we are all for it.


Kim K posted about her ‘mom’s’ cameo, to which Ariana replied, “thanks for letting me borrow ur mom”.

Aaron Samuels & Mean Girls alum & The Burn Book

Jonathan Bennett returned as Aaron Samuels, the sexiest guy in history with pushed back hair. Plus, Stefanie Drummond returns, once famed for her line about being punched in the face, she’s now copying Regina-Ariana by breaking off an engagement. Yes.

Plus, we love that Ariana created her own burn book, complete with naughty comments about Sean.

Victorious Reunion

Many of Grande’s Victorious co-stars appeared in the thank u, next MV, including Elizabeth Gillies and Matt Bennett, who shared a scene with Ariana as they brush their teeth together during the Bring It On part of the video. Honestly, it couldn’t be cuter.

Troye Sivan

Troye Sivan and Ariana Grande released a song together earlier this year, so working with Ariana is nothing new. However, this time he’s getting pushed against a locker; the highest of compliments, probably above getting punched in the face.

Colleen Balinger

Colleen is famed for her Miranda Sings Youtube persona and her follow up Netflix series. However, she has been close with the Grande family for over a decade. Not sure which one she is? The pregnant cheerleader who is due to give birth in just 4 weeks. Re-watch, you cannot miss her!

Jennifer Coolidge

Ariana has always shown her love for Jennifer Coolidge, including an incredible impression of her performance in Legally Blonde. We love their moment in the middle of the video and the nod to the Bend and Snap is just what we were hoping for.


Ariana’s Chihuahua makes a cameo during the Legally Blonde scene, and spins around on a lilo in the swimming pool at the end of the video. He is truly living.

Ariana took over Twitter following the video release, with 9 out of 10 trending hashtags being linked to the video.

aaaand…. Ariana BROKE YOUTUBE! Viewers were unable to read comments as there was so much traffic on her video. It was pretty epic.

We are sure the video will continue to unfold new, hidden meanings and messages. Stay tuned…!