SUBU Elections: Results


The student elections have come to a close and the results are in.

Winners were announced at the Election Results Night on Talbot Campus.

“Around 500 students voted in the elections, which is quite a good turnout for a part-time officer elections,” said Charlotte Morris-Davis, democracy and campaigns manager at SUBU. Around 18.000 students were eligible to vote, so the voter turnout was barely 3%.

“We had a good number of candidates, particularly candidates for the Executive Committee Officer,” said Charlotte, but 13 candidates stood for the 10 available roles. The race for the executive committee turned out to be the most competitive race of the evening.

The Department Rep elections, however, suffered from a considerable lack of candidates. Of the 20 available Department Rep roles, only seven had any candidates, leaving the remaining 13 departments without representation for the time being. When asked about this lack of candidates, George Baldwin, Student Voice Manager at SUBU, said that the union would try to find a way to elect Department Reps after the elections.

Seats on all six Liberation Campaigns were filled.

“I am very encouraged by the amount of diverse students participating in these elections,” said Ade Balogun, SUBU President in a conversation with Nerve News. “I am looking forward to working with the new committee, and I am sure that they will do a great job,” he added.

Below, you will find the newly elected committee.

Executive Committee Officers:

Naomie Lebe

Sarah Chelsea Lawrence

Mohamed Hamad

Calvin McKenzie

Whitney Idowu

Georgia Hill

Ntobeko Sengwayo

Jodi Nwasike

Ann-Marie Kankam

Rowan Bratchell

Department Reps:

Department of Accounting, Finance and Economics:

Georgia Hill

Department of Creative Technology:

Henry Turner Ward

Department of Computing and Informatics

El Jones

Department of Design and Engineering:

Zainab Mohammed

National Centre for Computer Animation:

Diana Pelino

Department of Psychology

Kara Liblick

Department of Social Sciences and Social Work:

Kelly Lovelock

Departments which had no Department Rep Candidates:

Department of Archaeology and Anthropology

Department of Communication Journalism

Department of Computing and Informatics

Department of Humanities and Law

Department of Live & Environmental Science

Department of Marketing

Strategy and Innovation

Department of Media Production

Department of Medical Sciences and Public Health

Department of Midwifery and Health Sciences

Department of Nursing Science

Department of People and Organisation

Department of Rehabilitation and Sport Science

Department of Sport and Event Management

Liberation Campaigns

Asian, Arab and Ethnic Minority Officer:

Syahirah Syamsul Kairi


Asian Arab and Ethnic Minority Campaign members:

Parakh Chouhan

Amaan Yasin

Farhana Rahman

Farzana Rahman

Durga Prasad Juturu

Black Students’ Officer:

Nora Maganga

Black Students’ Campaign members:

Chiko Bwalya

Amanda Delogu

James Makanjuola

Chia Miah

Disabilities Campaign Officer:

Rebecca Hughes

Disabilities Campaign Committee:

Henry Stevens-Harris

Henry Turner Ward

For the role of the LGB+ Officer:

Tatiana Lutgens

LGB+ Campaign Committee:

Rowan Bratchell

Alexander Harris-Fry

Amanda Delogu

Jade Anthony

Durga Prasad Juturu

Trans and Non-Binary Officer:

Rowan Bratchell

Trans and Non-Binary Campaign Committee:

Amelia Hansford

Skyler-Rose Mapemba

Women’s Campaign Officer

Toluwa Atilade

Women’s Campaign Committee:

Hannah Nash

Amanda Delogu

Olga Sanina