Storm Doris expected to hit the UK this Thursday

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Storm Doris threatens to hit Britain with 100mph gales, torrential rain and eight inches of snow along with travel chaos

Storm Doris, the fourth named storm of this autumn/winter season is planned to hit the UK during the daytime this Thursday 23rd February.

Travel mayhem is expected in much of England and Wales as the storm blows in.

The Met Office has issued an amber weather warning for this Thursday, with alerts for potential damage to buildings, power cuts, travel nightmares and injuries caused by flying debris.

The storm comes at a time when the UK experienced the seventh warmest winter day on record as temperatures reached 18.3C in London on Monday thanks to a blast of warm air from the Caribbean.

The Midlands, northern England and parts of East Anglia will suffer the most from the winds whilst Scotland and northern England are likely for snowfall.

Emma Sharples from the Met Office, said:“We have named Storm Doris as a result of issuing the amber warning for strong winds.

Not everywhere will be hit by that same system as it tracks from west to east throughout Thursday.

Stormy sea

Stormy sea

The west of the country including Wales and Cornwall had already experienced the first stage of what’s to come with winds reaching 55 mph and huge waves on Sunday.

Snow is expected in northern England and Scotland on Thursday with 4-8 inches likely on the highest parts of the north Pennines and Southern Uplands.

MeteoGroup forecaster Callum Stewart said: ‘Storm Doris’s rapid development is forecast to see its air pressure drop by around 30 milibars in 24 hours, known as “explosive cyclogenesis” or, by some, as a “weather bomb”.

A “weather bomb” sees dry air from the stratosphere flow into an area of low pressure, which causes air to rise quickly creating a more vigorous storm.

Storm Doris is however expected to move on quickly with the worst of the weather gone by Thursday evening, although further Atlantic gusts will mean more rain and wind through the weekend and into next week.