Spooktacular: Knife-free pumpkin designs!

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With Halloween only a week away it’s time to start thinking about decorations and, of course, the essential pumpkin! Carving the pumpkin is usually the tradition, but why not mix it up this year and do something more creative. There are many other ways to decorate without picking up the knife.


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If you’re all about the glitz and the glam then the glitter pumpkin is definitely for you! Coat the pumpkin in a layer of glue and then pour your glitter all over, repeat the process until it is fully covered. Maybe even give it a bedazzle by sticking gems in a pattern to make a pretty design. These pumpkins will shimmer all through the night whilst you party!


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You can create some spooky characters with a bit of paint and and some googly eyes. You could try creating a spooky alien by buying one of the warty pumpkins – that nobody ever wants – and sticking eyes to each of the warts! These creatures are a cute twist on the horror of halloween.


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Why not go wild with some paint and create some masterpieces on your pumpkins for a more aesthetically pleasing decoration? You could also try turning your pumpkins into characters – using the paint to create a face without carving. For some people, halloween isn’t always about being the scariest, but instead being the most creative. Think of Heidi Klum who every year creates amazing halloween outfits that nobody else would think of!

So this year, why not get creative with your pumpkins and use a no-knife method? They’re just as fun and it means you don’t have to touch all the slimy pumpkin guts! I think that’s a win-win situation if you ask me.

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