Sorry To Bother You Review

sorry to bother you

Hey there readers, Dan The Movie Man here, Sorry To Bother You, but have you considered seeing Boots Riley’s directorial debut Sorry To Bother You?… Sort of? Well, hopefully I can be of some assistance.

Sorry To Bother You tells the story of Cassius Green, a man in desperate need for some money who lucks his way into a telemarking job. Whilst working he soon discovers the power and success that comes with the use of a White Voice. Riley crafts an ambitious and unique vision of racial stigmas and the perils of capitalism in what is the most 2018 film of the year. Ambitious to a fault, Riley’s film is oversaturated with events and gets a bit messy. However, I believe this complimented the films bold postmodern style quite nicely. Sorry To Bother You oozes energy, surrealism and social relevance in such a volume that it overshadows its own sins.

Overall, the film boasts a great ensemble cast, gripping plot developments and a bold personality that belongs in 2018. Boots Riley makes an impact, establishing himself as a filmmaker to look out for. I for one am certainly excited to see what he does next.