Song review: Creeper’s ‘Suzanne’


Nerve Online’s James Wood takes a look at Creeper’s preview track ‘Suzanne’ from their upcoming debut album ‘Eternity, in Your Arms.

After a string of EP’s Southampton’s Creeper are ready to burst onto the modern rock scene with their long awaited debut album ‘Eternity, in Your Arms.’

You like punk rock? Great. You like classic rock? No problem. Need a catchy chorus? You got it. Suzanne- the first song to be released from the album captures the essence of every great rock song and crams it into a track of less than three minutes.

A steady drumbeat and bass guitar sets the tone of the single before it ramps into a chorus which sounds like it is made for a live show. The song makes one thing clear, vocalist Will Gold delivers lyrics you want to chant along with.

Using rock as an umbrella term is easy with modern music but tying Creeper down to a single sub-genre is very difficult. Suzanne is the perfect first track to get fans and new listeners alike excited for what this band can and is going to produce. It leads on from this year’s EP ‘The Stranger,’ which attracted lots of acclaim. And Suzanne draws on a lot of the same themes particularly from the song ‘Misery,’ it’s a shame we have to wait until March 24 of next year to hear the rest of Creeper’s endeavours. Let’s hope Creeper keep to Suzanne’s winning formula.

Watch the music video here: