REVEALED: One Society is set to use over 25% of the SUBU Clubs budget.

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BU’s Boat Club has spent or been awarded grants totalling £12694.65 from the SUBU Clubs and Societies Budget.

The budget, which totals £50,000 for this academic year, has now just £7,275.71 left to award this academic year.

Boat Club’s spending accounts for over 25% of the budget, and means a per member spending of £178.70.

Other big spenders include BU Falcons, Film Society, and Polo Club, who were awarded £5,980.40, £3689.98, and £4,300 respectively.

Money that has been awarded has not necessarily been spent, clubs can over and under spend.

Currently, Boat Club have underspent on their awards by around £700, with Race Fees for the next two terms yet to be spent as well.

All societies mentioned have been approached for comment.