Snow storm shuts down University campuses


Snow storms have hit Bournemouth today, causing campuses at Bournemouth University and Arts University Bournemouth to close for the first time in years.

The snow, which fell heavily throughout Thursday, was caused by a polar vortex which people have named ‘The Beast from the East’. Other parts of the country have already been seeing heavy snow showers since the weekend, but the vortex, combined with Storm Emma, brought the flurries to the south today.

Many bus and train services in Bournemouth were affected from the morning hours, but as the snow thickened the University campuses announced closures starting from 1.30pm. Further emails were sent out to students to say that closures would extend through the weekend, and the University plans to re-open at 8am on Monday 5th March.

image of snow at talbot campus at bournemouth university on thursday 1st march

Talbot campus on Thursday 1st March

Five years

This is the first time the University has shut down in five years. In 2013 the campuses shut when around 9cm snow fell overnight, shutting down transport services, including airports, and even toppling trees.

After closures and lecture cancellations, students made the most of the situation, arranging snowball fights and trips to take photos.

But for some students the snow is more of a hindrance. With less than two weeks to go until curtain up for the Performing Arts Society has lost rehearsal space until the campus re-opens.

Jon Black from the society said: “This isn’t ideal, but we’ll get through it. Through sun or snow, there’s going to be a show.”

More snow is predicted over night, but it is expected to turn to sleet and rain over the weekend.