QUIZ : What type of fashion shopper are you?

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Edited by: Asmah Mansur-Williams

Is it possible to be in love with two different people at the same time? To love them each completely and unwaveringly, yet equally? Difficult one, right? Well, this is exactly my dilemma – except replace people with shopping and only then can you truly understand my pain (as you can tell, i’m never one to over exaggerate). Sure, ultimately both thrifting and highstreets leave you with the same outcome – clothes. Yet, inherently the clothes on offer and the two different shopping experiences given, couldn’t be more opposed. But before i can give my opinion, here’s a question for you – what type of shopper are you – does your heart scream thrifting or do you yearn for the high street? Take the quiz below and find out: 

  • When stepping into a shop, do you prefer?


A. Being transported to a land that time has forgotten and surrounded by the musk of history, wafting from outfits that could’ve been in an 80s Madonna video or wouldn’t have looked out of place in a 60s hippie commune?


B. Being surrounded by hot sales assistants, awful Top40 cheese and pictures of models with outfits you love but you know will never look the same on you, because, well you’re the size of an actual human?


  • When searching for the latest addition to your wardrobe, do you?

A. Throw all caution to the wind, flick your hair back (like a boss) and look for a piece that transcends other people’s tastes and current trends, i.e something big, bold and beautiful (again, like a boss)?


B. Consider synergy to be key and have to make sure that all potential purchases can be perfectly paired to what you already have? Because the last thing you want to look like is a Keith Lemon and Lady Gaga love child…?


  • When it comes to spending, do you?

A. Grip every last fiver to leave your purse to within an inch of its life, because you already have 50k university debt and the last thing you want to result to is selling a kidney just to afford to shop at Aldi?


B. Tap your contactless and go because you were going to spend the money on Jagerbombs in Cameo anyway?


  • How important is a return policy to you?

A. Meaningless – the word might as well be in Chinese. Why would you need such a thing when you have a trusted tailor that can make anything fit perfectly?


B. An absolute God send! Because whilst you love your friends, you can’t keep giving them clothes that don’t fit you – what are you, a charity?


  • When you finally have the outfit in your possession, do you

A. Wear it again and again, until the colour fades so much it practically pools beneath your feet and the edges are so frayed, cat’s mistake it for a ball of yarn and won’t stop playing with it


B. Wear it a couple of times until it’s out of style and then submerge it in the back of your wardrobe and forget you even brought it?

Mostly As – congrats! You’re thrifter.

We’re kindred spirits. Fashion to you is all about dramatic self-expression, why dress like everyone else when a 70s sequin shirt can show the world just how truly unique and amazing you are? However, money is never too far away from your mind because going into overdraft for you is a nightmare scenario, whilst others happily live their lives in it. But most importantly shopping is an enjoyable experience for you, therapeutic even. You would rather spend hours looking for something special rather than settling for the first thing your eyes land on.

Mostly Bs – Watch out High street, here you come!

The fashion world is a whirl wind of change and excitement and you’re doing a great job hanging on to it. Also, being such a stylish and on trend sort of person, naturally party invites always fall at your feet. Which means you’re always in need of a constant convey belt of snazzy new outfits to keep you at the centre of attention. What’s the point of life if you can’t treat yourself to something new and pretty, after all money is meant to be spent, right?

Alas, the most important question still remains, which is better? The only way to accurately solve this problem plaguing mankind for centuries (me and only for a day) is by breaking it down in the second part of this quiz and comparing the two in three key areas: economy, style and the experience.

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