Premier League clubs agree to £30 maximum charge on away tickets


Premier League clubs agreed to a maximum of £30 for away tickets.

One of football’s great fairy tales is definitely AFC Bournemouth’s rise to the Premier League and no one is more deserving of a successful Premier League campaign, than the Cherries’ supporters who fought to keep their team in business.

In fact, the club was on the edge of being relegated from the football league in 2009. The fans kept the team afloat by raising money using collection buckets.

Fortunately, a Russian billionaire helped AFC Bournemouth to reach its full potential.

Now, seven years later, Eddie Howe and his players did some incredible work in their ascension to England’s top level of football.

However, there is another intense battle going on off the pitch. The price to watch football has been an ongoing discussion, with Cherries’ fans protesting in February for a maximum price of £20 for away tickets.

Premier League clubs have now communally agreed to limit away ticket prices to £30.

The new Premiership television rights deal, which will be running for the next three years, accommodates this agreement.

The new TV deal, beginning in the 2016/17 season earns £5.14billion over the upcoming three seasons with Sky Sports and BT Sport rivaling for the domestic broadcast rights.

Globally, the rights will yield an additional amount of £3.2billion over the same period.

AFC Bournemouth Chairman Jeff Mostyn said in conversation with the Cherries’ website that they have found the impact of away fans one of the competition’s most impressive features, especially being one of the league’s recently promoted clubs.

He finds that the supporters have been terrific in the way they have supported the team away from home, and visitors at home games always add more to the atmosphere.

According to him, the restriction is a great way to help away fans who already face many hurdles when they travel.

The cap starts next season, when the Cherries will hopefully still be playing in the Premier League.