Pokemon’s new Youtube Series “Generation’s” focuses on Fan Favourites


If you’re seriously bored of Pokemon Go and can’t wait until Sun and Moon, don’t worry! The official Pokemon channel has released a brand new YouTube series “Pokemon Generations” to hold your attention until its release.

Pokemon Generations goes back to the roots of the original  games and animates how in-game events would have looked and occurred. It even in some cases provides a legitimate backstory.

The series also explores characters you were always interested in but never thought too deeply about, for example original bad guy- rival Blue and his quest to become the Indigo League Champion.

Each episode is anything from 2 minutes to 5 minutes- You may be thinking; this is way too short! And in some instances it is. However if you are a real Poke-fanatic, there’s just enough screen time for fan favourites!

Although if you are eager to binge you’re way through- you’ll have to wait. The Pokemon Channel is releasing the series episode by episode, with one shown every week.

Episode 4: The Lake of Rage is the latest to have been released and follows head of the Elite Four Dragon Master Lance as he tries to solve the problem of the Red Gyrados. This explains to Gamer’s why Lance randomly appeared in Mahogany Town in Pokemon Gold and Silver.

There’s a lot to look forward to- with many fans hoping for an episode focusing on the climactic battle of Pokemon Games Gold and Silver, which saw you (Trainer Gold/Ethan) battle yourself…aka Trainer Red from Games Red and Blue.