Noel Fielding’s Luxury Bake Off Outfits


Noel Fielding’s addition to the Bake Off team brought with it a plethora of awe-inspiring outfits, that were as much a feast for the eyes as the cakes were.

And so begins our detailed break down of these looks, to truly enjoy and understand the fashionista that is Noel.

Week 1 – The Raven Shirt

Week 1 – via Channel 4

Noel starts his Bake Off debut with a classic look, sticking true to his goth roots. Adorned with an emos best friend, the raven. This is an unsurprising, though effective choice.You can find this number at Silken Favours 

7/10 – a strong start

Week 2 – A rose by any other name would not be Noel

Week 2 – via Channel 4

A stunner. One of my favourites. It’s theatrical, dramatic, a real statement piece. This cheeky sweater is a fantastic way to break the mould and stray from the expected. A jumper? On week two? Noel does not care to ease us in with a shirt based offering, he’s gone straight to sweater season.

9/10 – quite the act to follow

Week 3 – Mr Blobby

Week 3 – via Channel 4

This week the dream-boat rocks a strong cobalt blue look. His steely eyes pop in this more daring outfit, making it a more nouveau choice for this man of many shirts.  The outfit caused an uproar on the internet as one viewer tweeted that the smiley faces looked like nipples, making this shirt a risky but successful piece.

He copped this one from Lazy Oaf

8/10 – definitely top three.

Week 4 – Sweet enough

Week 4 – via Channel 4

Just looking at this shirt gives me a toothache but in an almost enjoyable way? It confuses my taste buds and my eyes all in one, but it makes him look good enough to eat. Rumour has it that Zoella has been seen sporting the same number, that might just sum this one up.

6/10 – Perhaps it’s too on-the-nose for a baking show?

Week 5 – Not that noteworthy

Week 5 – via Channel 4

Noel may have succumbed to mid-season complacency with this outfit. I have so many questions; What colour is that? Why the drums? Why in general? By layman’s standards it’s a strong look, but by Noel standards, it doesn’t match up to his previous choices.

5/10 – The game needs to be upped.

Week 6 – Keep that fire burning

Week 6 – via Channel 4

This shirt is up for interpretation. Is it fire? Is it a Bowie tribute? Has a wolf slashed his shirt? It’s for Noel to know and us to enjoy. This is a much safer option for the blue-eyed temptress, but maybe this is what the people needed to see after the week before.

8/10 – Back on form.

Week 7 – In Heinz-sight

Week 7 – via Channel 4

One of Noels more shocking shirts, and fitting for Italian week. If there’s anywhere to wear this shirt, it’s this episode. But again, I feel he is sticking too close to the Bake Off bubble, and he could go even more outlandish – considering his comfortable position as the main fashionista of the show.

7/10 – Overdone

Week 8 – Rock Bottom

Week 8 – via Channel 4

A low-res picture for a low standard shirt.

Multicoloured buttons can’t save you from this one Noel. I’m not angry, I’m just disappointed. This may be a chic everyday look, but The Great British Bake Off is not every day, this is an occasion for a bit of pizzaz.

4/10 – Must try harder.

Week 9 – Goth on Holiday

Week 9 – via Channel 4

Noel is back on form with this emo Hawaiian shirt. Covered in black palm trees, this screams beach goth. A refreshing classic Noel look that comforts and reassures with its familiarity. Chic, edgy, humorous, everything we could ever ask for from this mythical man.

8/10 – strong.

Week 10 – The best till last

Week 10 – via Channel 4

Noel has really gone out with a bang with this triumph of a shirt. It is everything that I desire;  glamourous with an outlandish flare. Perfect on every level, it is the only thing I ever want to see anyone wear. The goth prince looks truly stunning.

10/10 – could not ask for more.