#NerveBigReview2018: Top 5 TV shows


As students, it’s fair to say a lot of us love TV shows and often will binge a show from start to finish on Netflix or Hulu. 2018 has yet again been a great year for TV, so Nerve’s Claire Boad breaks down of some of the best shows that graced our screens in 2018.


Bodyguard has been one of the biggest run-away successes this year thanks to how gripping this drama could be. Viewers were hooked to their television sets as the Richard Madden epic had you sat on the edge of your seat within the first 15 minutes. It’s definitely a program that left you wanting more as each episode ended and its 10.4 million viewers of the final episode showed it definitely didn’t lose steam as it went on.

Queer Eye

Bobby, Jonathon, Antoni, Karamo and Tan are the fab five and have been melting the hearts of many Netflix viewers over the past year. After the success of the first series, the second definitely lived up to the hype before. The fab five help many different people, from a transgender man recovering from top surgery, to a guy who failed his first year of college. If you ever want a happy cry, Queer Eye is the place to go.

The Circle

Channel 4’s incredible concept of a reality show took people by surprise in September. A game where you have to be the most popular on a social media site without meeting anyone really highlighted how easy it is to create a fake persona online. Where other shows have highlighted this practice before, such as MTV’s Catfish, this was unique in the way that we as viewers knew the contestants and saw them make the choice whether to lie or not. This meant that, whilst also enjoying this program, we were made fully aware of just how different our online and real lives can be. The Circle has since been picked up by Netflix.

The Haunting of Hill House

If being spooked is what you want, this Netflix show is the one for you – this programme doesn’t mess around with the frights it promised. It’s based around the story of 5 siblings who grew up in a haunted house. An adaptation of the Shirley Jackson novel of the same name, it definitely is one of the better Netflix originals to come out this year.

Doctor Who

This series of Doctor Who had hit the headlines even before the start date was announced. Having Jodie Whittaker take over the reigns from Peter Capaldi to be the first female doctor meant all eyes were tuned to BBC One to see just how she’d get on. However, that alone is not the reason it makes the cut. This series has managed to achieve many things, including having episodes focusing on major social moments in history, such as the civil rights movement. It also had a major character with dyspraxia, which was celebrated across social media and it even brought pride to the city of Sheffield within the first episode. Doctor Who this year was definitely a feel good fanfare- and made us love Bradley Walsh even more.

Do you agree? What have your favourite TV shows this year and what are you looking forward to in 2019?