#NerveBigReview2018: Person of the Year


Here we are, this is what the last two weeks has been counting down to. During #NerveBigReview2018, we’ve looked at the top sporting events, best music & TV and checked out what’s been going on around campus. 2018 has been a very exciting year, with the country coming together to support England during the World Cup, Brexit hitting the headlines again and some massive news stories across the year.

There’s been plenty of candidates for the honour of Nerve’s Person of the Year 2018. Nerve Magazine’s Editor-in-Chief George McMillan counts down the top 5 in reverse order.

5. Anne Hegerty

Anne Hegerty in recent weeks has stolen the nations’ hearts. Most commonly known for being ‘The Governess’ on ITV’s The Chase, she has now gone on to be a fan favourite on this year’s ‘I’m A Celebrity’. It was also revealed that Anne has autism which makes her expedition into the jungle even more admirable; viewers have seen her battle all sorts of creepy crawlies and jungle critters. She made it to the final seven before being voted out, but her journey is one that has given joy to the nation.

4. Professor Stephen Hawking

Hawking sadly died earlier this year at the age of 76 after battling with Motor Neurone Disease for most of his life. Despite this his legacy will no doubt live on and he remembered for the ground-breaking work he did. This includes being the first person ever to set out a theory of cosmology explained by a combination of quantum mechanics and the general theory of relativity.

3. Chadwick Boseman

The Marvel universe treated us to their newest group of superheroes earlier this year with smash-hit movie ‘Black Panther’. Released in February the movie broke records becoming the largest solo superhero launch of all time. Aside from the numerous awards that the movie won it was also heavily praised for its diversity in casting and promoting of black culture, Chadwick Boseman became the first superhero of African descent in mainstream American comics.

2. Meghan Markle

Meghan Markle stole the country’s heart this year becoming the Duchess of Sussex but more importantly, Prince Harry’s wife. The wedding took place in Windsor in May and despite not getting a bank holiday the British public still came out in force to celebrate. Although some were disappointed that Meghan who prior to marrying Harry was an actor, had to retire. Season 7 of ‘Suits’ saw Markle leave the show never to return to acting again.

1. Gareth Southgate

Gareth Southgate led the England football team to the 2018 World Cup hosted in Russia. Although they were eventually knocked out in the semi-finals, Southgate won the nations heart with his charm and signature waistcoat. He even had the London underground station ‘Southgate’ renamed to ‘Gareth Southgate’ for a period of time. And just as we thought the year couldn’t get any better for The Three Lions, Southgate steered his team out of a Nations League group containing two top sides in Spain and Croatia and into the semi-finals. They play The Netherlands in the summer of 2019, with a potential final against Portugal or Switzerland and a first major trophy since 1966. He may not have brought football home in 2018 but he definitely put a smile on our faces and set English football up for a very exciting future. Undeniably, that makes him Nerve’s Person of the Year 2018.