Nerve Spook-tacular: YouTube Channels for Halloween Makeup


Halloween is fast approaching and if you’re like me, completely unprepared for absolutely everything, then read our guide to get your spooky ideas flowing.

Costumes require planning, but a lot of these makeup looks require plain clothing and a bulk Amazon prime order of liquid latex and face paint – last minute plans will be a success!

Jordan Hanz

Beginning with Jordan Hanz, a who started her channel in May 2014 and is most known for her incredible ‘Hanzoween’ where she does a new Halloween makeup tutorial every day in October – handy, I know!

Beginning with a talent for portrait painting, she moved on to painting her face and never looked back. Her creativity is fresh and a lot of the things she comes up with have never been see before, but that means a lot of them are really hard. Depending on your experience with costume makeup, have a scroll and pick one that’s suited to your ability. With a new video every day, there’s bound to be something you can work with.

Karolina Maria

With a small but sweet 108,000 subscribers, Karolina Maria is the next Halloween genius on the list. The Norwegian 20-year-old has a passion for beauty and makeup, but also treats her channel to crazily convincing sfx tutorials.

With Karolina’s most viewed videos being her gory halloween tutorials, you’re in safe hands.

Here’s one of my favourites:

Perfect for a last minute Halloween party, and no costume needed!

Bonnie Corban

Next on the list is Bonnie Corban, a self-taught SFX makeup artist who turns herself into just about anything – aliens, superheroes, zombies, or a

Beginning in February 2013 her talent has shone through and gained her nearly 500,000 subscribers.

Bonnie mentions ‘It’s Halloween all year round on my channel’ so you’re not going to struggle for content here – have a browse and you’re sure to find something fairly simple but spooky.

Hopefully these have helped when it comes to last minute plans or pure laziness for Halloween – have an unboo-lievable time!