What has been your evolution within the fashion industry, how did you get into this role?

After interning at Fabulous magazine for 4 months I found it relatively easy to find placements. Even though it was during my Journalism degree, companies appreciated the experience I had gained whilst studying.

I know a lot of people emphasis the role of internships in succeeding in fashion, how important do you think this is?

Very. You never know which one will lead to you gaining a full-time job. It’s always good to stay in touch with people!

Which brings me onto my next question, the role of education in succeeding in the fashion industry, with a large number of fashion influencers and designers dropping out of school to pursue a fashion career, how significant is getting a fashion degree? Which is more important, internships or degree?

Experience I’d say was more important, my degree was the reason I applied for those in the first place. My degree also helped me decide what I wanted to do so without it I wouldn’t really have knowledge of the industry.

What is your ideal day to day activities, how do you cope with the fast paced nature of the industry?

I write things down! Without lists I would be clueless on what my important tasks for the day were.

How would you describe your personal style?

Hmm to be honest I’m not even sure. I dress however my Pinterest board is makes me feel. I also have to be practical. If I have a press meet I may wear loafers or heeled ankle boots. If not, it’s my Stan Smiths and jeans.

What is your relationship like with fashion, why did you choose this industry and how has fashion influenced other facets of your life?

I’m attracted to creative people, so the industry was a given for me.

What are some of the myths associated with working in fashion and have you experienced any personally?

It’s definitely not all glamorous! All my friends think I hang out with celebrities and party…absolutely not true.  PRs have to overcome so many obstacles to do their jobs successfully and sometimes you won’t even get a thank you!

What skills do you feel are more important to get you ahead in the industry, either on internships or a career?

You just have to get on with the job and work with the people in your team, so if you aren’t friendly or hardworking then PR isn’t really for you. You absolutely need social skills, so if you’re shy learn to break out of that.

What challenges have you personally experienced within your growth in the industry and do you tend to overcome these(if any)?

I’ve just learnt that in general you have to learn to deal with all types of personalities. Have a thick skin as one bad person at one company doesn’t mean that they are all like that, so don’t be put off by negative people!

What is one questions you wished people asked more in fashion?

Hmm not sure about this one!

If you were not in fashion, where would you be/ what other field would you be pursuing?

Hmm probably working with social influencers in some way. So maybe social media, if not within fashion then definitely lifestyle.

What advise would you give anyone considering starting out in fashion, any tips/tricks?

Everything above! Lol

Follow and be obsessed with the industry you want to work in. There’s no cheating or fooling anybody!

In one sentence, the secret to making it in fashion is…..?

Being passionate about it. As I said once you are aware and study the industry, you will start to make your mark in some way or another :)

Thanks Kanem!

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