Nerve Magazine Applications


Apply below to be a part of the 2018/19 Nerve Magazine committee

Nerve Magazine is Bournemouth University’s student led publication, offering the latest in what’s going on in Bournemouth and beyond. You can be part of the team, producing some of the hottest features pieces about what students care about, to grabbing tickets to the hottest gigs in town and writing reviews, there’s something for everyone to do for one of Nerve’s monthly issues.

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Please send all applications to, with the position and committee being applied for as the subject.

Applications are open until May 14th.



As the Editor of Nerve Magazine, you have to oversee everything. From content production and proofreading, magazine design and other administrative tasks. You will be in charge of the entire Nerve Magazine identity and ensuring that the magazine is the best that it can be. Tasks involve communicating with PRs and other sources to gain interviews and attend press events as a representative for Nerve, as well as aid your team of editors and designers with their tasks and ensure everyone sticks to their deadlines. You will be in charge of setting these deadlines and putting the whole magazine together. Knowledge of magazine design is not essential but desirable as a large part of piecing the content together falls to the Editor in Chief. It will be up to you to point Nerve in the direction that you want to go, in terms of re-designing, creating a new brand identity, and so on. You must ensure Nerve represents all the students that it is made for.

Deputy Editor

As Deputy Editor you will be working to assist the editor with sub-editing copy, designing spreads, and deciding on ideas for articles/obtaining press passes for events and interviews. You should have a good understanding of InDesign and an ability to proofread and pick out errors in copy. Proofreading is one of your main jobs, especially if you need to take on more tasks to assist your editor. There are also plenty of opportunities to write your own material for the magazine. It will be a great experience and help strengthen your portfolio.

Features Editor

As Features Editor for Nerve magazine it is important that you are committed to sourcing, editing and writing articles that will read great at the front of the magazine. The Features Editor should provide copy for 4-6 articles per issue, usually contributing one article per issue themselves. The FE will provide topical and engaging ideas to fellow students for them to write about as well as strongly encourage students to pitch to them. It is important that a variety of topics are chosen for each issue to engage a diverse audience but it should be noted that topics do not overlap with articles in the entertainment, sport or fashion sections. Human interest stories, political articles, features on sub-cultures and pieces that will interest a student audience should be prioritised. Once articles have been sourced the FE will sub-edit copy to ensure the grammar and spelling is correct, as well as making sure media laws are not breached and that copy reads well. Finally, the FE should be able to communicate well with their writers and fellow editors to ensure that articles are relevant, interesting and submitted by deadline.

Entertainment Editor

As entertainment editor you need to be on the ball and always looking for interview and gig opportunities as well as being up to date with the latest gaming, TV and Film releases. Primarily your job is emailing and contacting PR companies to try to get the writers of the magazine interview opportunities and tickets to review. You also need to sub and edit the articles submitted to you before sending them onto the head editor and design team. You should always be thinking about what students want to read and finding the exciting new thing that is going to make people want to pick up the magazine. Whether that is an interview with a big up and coming band or a review of the latest movie prior to it’s public release.

Fashion Editor

As the Fashion and Beauty Editor, you are in charge of coming up with relevant and timely content ideas, editing all the articles for your section and even writing some yourself when content is lacking. Interested in everything fashion and beauty is a must, although you can decide quite freely whether you want to focus more on skin care tips or fashion designer interviews. You need to have great scheduling skills and always be ready to reply to writer’s questions. More importantly, you need to be able to keep your creative spark alive under pressure. In return, you get to surround yourself with content that you are interested in and people who share the same passions as you, quality journalism relating to all things beauty and fashion.

Debates Editor

To be a Debates Editor you must be open minded and be able to accept other people’s work, opinions or views even if you don’t agree with them. You will be closely involved in the developing of story ideas for your section, working with all of the writers and helping them explain their views without taking away the quality or the argument of their work. All articles must be respectful. You have to be aware of hot topics and come up with good content ideas to inspire the writers and let them get their voice heard, because the Debates section of Nerve Magazine is where opinions are free to be voiced. The Debates section is to make readers question their own views and the Editor’s role is to continue this for the next year and keep it alive and vibrant. The ideal Debates Editor needs to be strongminded, opinionated and not to be influenced by the majority’s opinion. They also need to be able to proofread and edit articles, stick to strict deadlines and also communicate effectively with the rest of the editorial team.

Sports Editor

As the sports editor, you need to pay a lot of time and attention to your section, making sure each sports feature is as good as possible. You will build a strong team and find as many writers to cover all sort of sports to make sure your section discusses more than just football. Nerve has great links with AFC Bournemouth but it is also great practice to cover other popular sports such as cricket, basketball, American football, rugby, etc. As the Editor you will be choosing what content goes into your section and will need to proofread every piece before sending it to the editors for designing. Communication with the Editor in Chief is vital to keep Nerve Magazine consistent in each issue. The role requires a keen eye for good sports stories and creativity to make any topic become a gripping read. The most important thing is a passion for sport!


As a Designer for Nerve Magazine, the Editor will send you articles every month for each issue. These articles will cover fashion, entertainment, sports, etc. It is then your job to design each article with the help from the other members of the design team, which you will have to co-ordinate. It is a good idea to keep the designs simplistic and clean so that the magazine looks it’s best and the designs are not too different from each other. You will need to have a good knowledge of InDesign software, as this is where the magazine is put together. Knowledge of different fonts and an eye for good photos is desired.