Nerve Entertainment Exclusive: Interview with Big Narstie

big narstie pool

Uncle Pain decided to answer our questions half naked and in the swimming pool.

After performing with Craig David on his sell-out arena tour at the BIC last Sunday, Big Narstie took some time out of his busy schedule to relax at his hotel and speak with Nerve Entertainment’s Elliott Beddoe and Josh Wilde.

We walked through a changing room of half-naked men towards The Hilton Hotels swimming pool with blue bags on our feet and feeling slightly like we were in an episode of CSI.

The swimming pool was Big Narstie’s second suggestion after the team failed to operate the recording equipment in his steaming hot sauna.

However, now expecting to do a poolside interview, we set up our camera equipment eagerly. Although the crew was on the poolside, Narstie certainly was not.

Instead, the rapper was more than happy to show off his energetic dolphin impression under water, before answering our questions.

The 31-year-old announced his upcoming album will be released at the end of this summer.

He said: “We have a few a good collaborations lined up. I’m really gassed.

“You are what you are. That’s what this whole album’s about.”

It is set to feature the likes of Ed Sheeran, Robbie Williams and Section Boyz.

Fans should also keep their eyes peeled for his single featuring fellow rapper Tremz.

I like to drink and get f***** up. It’s not a bad thing, it’s my life.

Having performed at a number of festivals including Glastonbury, Narstie is excited to return to his hometown London this July.

He said: “I’m looking forward to playing at all of them, especially Wireless. We’re hoping for epicness and insane moshpits.

“I have so many gigs coming up, I can’t even remember their names.”

With such a busy schedule, the grime artist made the decision to delay his headline ‘BDL Tour’.

The rapper said: “We’ve pushed back the tour from May to Winter.

“I need to rest, prostitutes get more rest than me.”

Despite this postponement, Narstie continues to fly the flag for the Base Defence League, an organisation which encourages equality.

He added: “It’s a movement connecting all colours and creeds across England.

“The whole regime promotes being nice to people, it’s everyone’s fraternity.”

Alongside his music career, Narstie adopts the alter-ego of ‘Uncle Pain’ to help people through awkward situations.

As well as helping his fans, he also gives advice to platinum-selling artist and close friend Ed Sheeran.

Speaking about his fanbase, Narstie said: “I’ve got two sets of fans: one fanbase loves me for ‘Uncle Pain’ and funny videos and I’ve got other fans who love me just for my music.

“I sometimes worry that people think of me as just a funny person.

“I am a funny person, but also I’m a good musician.”

Near the end of the interview, Narstie revealed his softer side, telling us about his plans for Mother’s Day.

He explained: “The biggest gift I can give my mum is quality time.

“I really just want her to moan at me about tidying up. I need that. It keeps me grounded. There’s nothing like a good telling off.”

As we made our way towards the exit, accompanied by the sound of dolphin noises, we hastily remembered to remove the blue wrapping around our shoes. Thankfully, still fully clothed.

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