The neglect of the homeless in Bournemouth

Homeless at ASDA car park

Claims have surfaced that Bournemouth’s homeless people are being mistreated during nightly food runs offered by some charities at church car parks.

After allegations that drifters are being neglected during meal runs at night in car parks, visits have been made to the Hope for Food Charity soup kitchen. It was witnessed that rough sleepers were being served food in a church parking ground and were eating outside, with drenched clothes in the rain, as the wind blew heavily.

Major Ray Begley, from the Boscombe Salvation Army, who has over three decades of experience in providing meals for the homeless, thinks the location chosen by some organisations to feed the vulnerable is not appropriate.

Major Begley said: “They don’t always understand the complexity of homelessness.

“They just sometimes set up a table and serve soup and bread, without fully understanding how complex it is. And that is where problems happen.”

“I’m very concerned about that. Now there are agencies who are trying to coordinate all the food runs and meal runs together. And try to find one place every night where the homeless come to that one place.”

Councillor Blair Crawford, from Bournemouth Borough Council, says people are expected to do well when dealing with the helpless.

He said: “You get a good provider and you get a not so good provider. So, the big challenge really is to work with the individual and enable them to eventually live independently.

“So, I think any provider who wasn’t really doing that and couldn’t provide evidence for that, I think I would personally have to question over that. I think most of the authorities would do as well.”

Hope for Food hasn’t responded to the request for comments as the news goes to the press.