Nathan Dawe on touring, his love for DJing and The Future

Nathan Dawe

2.45AM on a chilly November Saturday Night/Sunday Morning is perhaps not the most ideal time to go and do a interview with a musician. But catching up with up and coming DJ Nathan Dawe made the late night worth it.

I arrive and Nathan has just finished his insane set. He comes out the back with his small entourage, I’m summoned by his tour manager not knowing what to expect. Nathan is looking gleeful, buzzing after delivering a blistering set for Foreverland.

How did you find playing The Old Fire Station?

Yeah, It was sick. I’ve always heard good things about this place, there’s been so many legends that have played here. So when I got the booking I was glad to see it was here. So yeah, it lived up to it’s expectation, The Foreverland production was sick as promised, so yeah, it was a really enjoyable night.”

Are you enjoying working with Foreverland?

“Yeah, I mean, this is the first show we’ve done for them which has been really good, so we’ve got a reputation to uphold now for the other two dates in Liverpool and Bristol, but yeah it was great.”

Are you looking forward to those two dates as well?

“Yeah! Different cities and I’ve not really done Liverpool before too much so that’ll be decent and Bristol once again, I’ve heard great things, so it’ll be sick.”

You’re signed to Atlantic Records, Did you ever feel that you’d end up being signed to such a prestigious record label?

“It would of been quite an unrealistic dream to think of, but like, there’s always been a plan in my head of where I want to be, where I need to get to and what I have to do to get to that point. So I suppose it wasn’t a case of completely unexpected that one day i’d get to that level of being in a place to have the chance to sign to a record label, but i’d say it wasn’t initially a dream, from day one like “I wanna get signed to Warner or Atlantic”, but as the journey moved on it was definitely an aim to get into the production world, get a good single out there, get signed to a label, but nah I probably didn’t dream I’d get to Atlantic straight away, so that was just unbelievable!”

You’ve been DJing since you were quite young, what was it that made you want to be a DJ?

“Just going to family parties and watching the DJ, while most of the other kids where running around partying I’d just be watching the DJ. My Dad sometimes walked me over to the DJ and asked If I could just sit and watch for a bit and I’d just be like, in awe of watching the technical side of it and even with the lighting and the sound! I’d be getting a good knowledge of how it works.”

You’ve just supported Sean Paul. How did you find that? and How did you find the touring aspect of it?

“We’re touring everyday so it’s just part and parcel of the job, travelling is long. It’s good to see different countries and cities they’re definitely perks of the job, but yeah travelling is long. Sean Paul was a great few gigs, thousands of people, but yeah perks of the job really, I mean to support names like THAT, It’s just mental, When I was a resident DJ playing his (Sean Paul’s) tunes and then being able to watch him and support him is just mad, but yeah it was a really really good experience.”

How does it feel when you see people dancing to your tunes?

“When I was just DJ playing other peoples stuff, it was good to just control the crowd and watch them react to the music that I choose to play, but….obviously bringing out my own music, its an even better feeling. Going from sitting in studios for months on end, finalising every little minor technique or minor part’s of a tune that you probably wouldnt even notice now, fine tuning it to the point where it’s perfect in my head and then watching people react to it in the crowd is a crazy feeling.”

Nathan Dawe On The Future…

“I mean it would be great to get a top 40, if we can get that with ‘cheatin’, that would be amazing if I can get that with one of my upcoming singles that would be great too, but really it’s just establishing myself and just getting hits out and just keep growing the brand. I’ve worked so hard to make sure it stays as a long time career and so far it’s going really really well, I just want to make people happy with the music I release, because I’m multi genre, I want to get as many people from all different backgrounds, ethnic background together to enjoy music”.

Nathan is clearly a man who loves his job. There’s a quiet sense of confidence and humility about him at the same time. His debut single ‘Cheatin’ has been streamed over 5 million times and if that’s anything to go by, we might be seeing a lot more from Nathan Dawe in the coming years. Nathan can be seen at the next to Foreverland dates in Bristol this Saturday (24th November) at the O2 academy and in Liverpool this Friday 23rd November.