MTV Catfish’s Instagram is the latest to be involved in a new celebrity LEAK


Celebrities such as Amber Rose and French Montana have allegedly been the target of a new celebrity leak performed by online ‘hackers’ via the Instagram account for MTV’s hit series, ‘Catfish’.

It appeared that the account had been hacked and was leaking the alleged personal details of various high profile personalities.

Note: The contact details of those featured have been edited out.

The ‘hackers’ started a livestream however the screen was black and only their voices could be heard. One of the alleged perpetrators was heard saying “we’ve got people” when asked how they are able to get the personal information of certain individuals. They were then later heard saying “we’re not using software, we’re using the app” in response to another question by a viewer of the stream.

According to the live stream, there are three different groups who are involved in a wider hack. Earlier on today, Ariana Grande had also had her account compromised but it has since been reinstated.

Before ending the live stream, one of the females is heard saying: “Just know we are three females on this page, hacking sh*t”.

The posts have since been deleted and the account appears to be back in MTV’s control. 

An attempt to contact ‘Catfish’, French Montana’s representatives and Instagram has been made and we are waiting for a response.