Midweek Munch: Yobu Frozen Yogurt and Bubble Tea

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This week’s Midweek Munch sees us deep in the heart of central Bournemouth. Next to the well established 7Bone and a stone’s throw away from the gorgeous beaches, YoBu is not just your average cafe and Shemonti Shams finds out why…

Edited by Imi Byers

If you’re looking for a new experience and an alternative place to hang out, Yobu is the place to check out. Located at 7 Gervis Place (through the Arcade, across the road, and to your left), this unique and quirky joint was established only a few years ago and drinks have massively grown in popularity. Not surprising though, as upon entering you will find out why.

Short but sweet range of options...

Short but sweet range of options…

If you aren’t aware of the bubble-tea way already, it is a drink originating from Eastern Asia containing tapioca grains combined with sugar and sweeteners to make a delicious, tasty beverage. There is also the option to add fruit infused bubbles which surprise you by creating an explosion in your mouth, releasing a burst of tangy flavour and textures . Like I said: delicious.

Yobu serves a whole range of different flavoured bubble teas with a long list of fruity flavours, including the infamous tapioca. They also serve frozen yogurt, waffles, Korean ramen and the exciting newly-added dumplings. The food served here can be used as fun sociable sharing snacks but it is easy to have a whole plate to yourself – I do.

Succulent Strawberry and Mango

Succulent Strawberry and Mango

The drink I eventually decided upon was taro (tropical plant) milk tea with tapioca balls, whilst my accomplice chose mango fruit tea with strawberry bubbles – my personal favourite.  Both drinks were served cold and were bursting with flavour (literally!). All the drinks are freshly made to order right in front of you so you can see exactly what goes into them, which is always reassuring and fun!

Yobu’s interior has been decorated in a kooky animated animal theme giving it a bohemian vibe throughout. There is even a ground floor seating area filled with bean bags, definitely making it one of the most comfortable cafes ever.

Overall Yobu is a great place to try out an exciting and different style of café. It is an excitingly alternative place to hang out where the staff and atmosphere are super friendly. This is definitely a place I would majorly recommend.

Cosy seats and kooky decorations

Cosy seats and kooky decorations

Midweek Munch Rating: 4.5/5